Croydon Music Heritage Trail

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far.

On Saturday 12th August, I visited Croydon for the first time. It was for the Music Heritage Trail walking tour as part of This Is Croydon, the Mayor of London’s Borough of Culture.

We met at The Queen’s Gardens where the Croydon Symphony mural is located. The mural was designed by  ATMA Art and the unveiling was on 17th June. As well as Kirsty, it features Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Avril Coleridge-Taylor, Ralph McTell, Desmond Dekker, Captain Sensible, Shirin Sriram, Stormzy and Nadia Rose.

Afterwards, we went outside Fairfield Halls which is an arts, entertainment and conference centre built in 1962. Many renowned musical acts have performed there such as Duke Ellington, The Beatles, David Bowie, Morrissey, etc. Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible from The Damned both worked as cleaners there in the 1970s.

Next, we walked to Croydon College where the likes of  David Bowie and Ray Davies attended.

Our third stop was Boxpark, where the building of the Bonaparte record store used to be. Kirsty had a job at the store during the late 1970s, working in the mail order department. While we were there, I spoke to everyone about this fabulous website and her bench in Soho Square. I also told them about the ‘Kirsty MacColl’s London’ map, which you can visit here. She achieved the 3rd highest vote from local Croydon residents to be featured on the trail. Very well deserved!

We also went to The Greyhound And The Blue Orchid, the site where Beanos and Big Apple Records used to be and Ruskin House Folk and Blues Club.

After the tour finished, I walked to Wellesley Road where Kirsty had a photo session on 5th June 1979 to promote her debut single, ‘They Don’t Know’.

Overall, I had a brilliant time visiting these places, meeting new people and sharing my love for Kirsty.

I will be returning to Croydon this Saturday for an exciting new exhibition which will feature Kirsty, celebrating their musical heritage, hosted by the Museum Of Croydon.

From Ruby