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There’s A Girl Works Down At Walmart Swears She’s Taylor

Musician and Kirsty collaborator, Philip Rambow has recently recorded an adaptation of ‘Chip Shop’ called ‘There’s A Girl Works Down At Walmart Swears She’s Taylor’ and is available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

Here’s what he said on the ‘Kirsty MacColl Fan Gang’ Facebook page:

“It started in a bar.

It always starts in a bar. I’m a couple of drinks in with David Barratt and he jokingly says that the song I co-wrote with Kirsty MacColl (_There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis_) could be given a more modern, poignant reworking by substituting the two biggest cultural icons of our time:
Walmart & Taylor Swift.
We laughed, as we often do, at silly boozy ideas, but later in the evening I said: “_Hey, that could really work_”
The next day we were in his studio and the beginning of our song cycle about Taylor, Walmart and their cultural ramifications had begun.
There’s A Girl Works Down at WALMART Swears She’s TAYLOR”
I think Kirsty would have enjoyed this version and find it funny.
From Ruby