Backing Vocals 1990 (Mary Coughlan, John Wesley Harding)

Mary Coughlan

Mary Coughlan - Invisible to You (lyrics)

Kirsty sings on ‘Invisible to you’ (co-written and produced by Pete Glenister) from Mary’s 1990 album ‘Uncertain pleasures’.

The song is included on the 2023 box set See That Girl.

John Wesley Harding

Kirsty appears on ‘Here comes the groom, the the first album by British artist John Wesley Harding in 1990. Song in question is ‘Affairs of the heart’.

Bryan Adams

Colin Stuart recalled in 2020 that “Just over 30 years ago, i recorded Kirsty singing a duet with Bryan Adams on a tune he’d written – neither of them liked it (i did, it was a bit ‘Springsteenish’). It never saw the light of day. Years after her passing i joined FB and in my very first message, contacted him to ask if he finished it – he said he’d tried it in a different key, and another producer but it didn’t work. Shame, as it was one of the very few sessions that i didn’t keep a cassette copy”.