They Don’t Know (cover versions 2)

This is a compendium of cover versions of ‘They Don’t Know’, from 2006 onwards, Please be patient, this page takes a while to load. There is also another page which covers earlier versions.

The Boyfriends (2006)

From the 2006 album ‘Once Upon a Time’

Nailpin (2007)

Nailpin - They Don't Know

Belgian rock band Nailpin covered the song in 2007, with an excellent video shot in Las Vegas.

Marc with a C (2007)

American singer Marc Sirdoreus.

Marc With a C - They Don't Know About Us (Kirsty MacColl cover)

James Bradford (2007)

On Beatnick Blanket Records, catchily titled ‘AyeAyeAyeTunes Exclusive: The Collected Works – Disc Three, Rare Rock Fumes by James Bradford’.

Maybe Tonight (2007)

Interesting CD this, with this Spanish band one of many acts covering Stiff classics on ‘Si no es Stiff… no merece un tributo’.

The Yardvarks (2008)

The Yardvark s "They Don't Know About Us"

Shot during a radio session, nice band version harmonies and saxophone.

Made (2008)

Made - They Don't Know (Kirsty MacColl cover)

Halvsøstra (2009 / 2019)

Halvsøstra plays Kirsty MacColl in Norwegian, retitled ‘Hjertet kan´ke ta så feil’.

Glimpses from concert in Norway.

Halvsostra med Kirsty MacColl

and from Soho Square!

They don't know, Kirsty MacColl. HALVSØSTRA TIL KIRSTY

Attic Lights (2009)

Scottish band Attic Lights covered TDK in 2008’ ‘Never Get Sick of the Sea’ single.

Melanie Nichols (2009)

acoustic cover kirsty Mccoll They don't know

Home cover of TDK.

The Sweptaways and Anders Wendin (2009)

The Sweptaways & Moneybrother: They Don't Know About Us

The Sweptaways and Anders Wendin, with another Swedish version, well worth watching.

Nicoletta Umili (2010)

They Don't Know - Tracey Ullman Cover

Shot in black and white, with quite the strangest “baybee” out there!

Kim Wilde (2010)

They Don't Know - Kim Wilde

Kim sang TDK at the 10.10.10 Kirsty tribute concert in London, and on her ‘Snapshots’ release.

Andrea Corr (2011)

Andrea Corr- They Don't Know [HQ]

Andrea Corr sang it on her 2011 release ‘Lifelines’, and also sang it at the Kirsty Shepherds Bush Empire tribute.
They Don't Know - Andrea Corr

Gil Smart (2012 ?)

Not sure when Gil cut this but it was uploaded in 2012.

mixtapecupcake and Caroline

"They Don't Know About Us" Ben Gibbard Cover

Some DIY Kirsty for you!


They Don't Know - Kirsty MacColl (Tracey Ullman) - Guitar Chord Practice - Key = C Major

More from cgermany77, with chord practice notes!

Erivel and Cave (2012)

They Don't Know (Tracey Ullman 80's Ukulele Cover)

They Don’t Know … played on ukeleles.

Jackson Wargo (2012)

With free download!

Mari Wilson (2012)

The ever divine Mari Wilson covered TDK on her 2012 covers album ‘Cover Stories’.

Cover Stories - Mari Wilson
Cover Stories – Mari Wilson

Story Thieves (2012)

Sid n Susie (2013)

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs cover

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs (Sid n Susie) - They Don't Know.

Rose Melberg (2013)

Rose Melberg - "They Don't Know" [Kirsty MacColl Cover]

The one time singer with Tiger Trap covered TDK on her album ‘September’, on Lost Sound Tapes label.

Rose Melberg - September
Rose Melberg – September

Carl Eaton (2013)

'They Don't Know' by Carl Eaton (Kirsty MacColl Cover)

Feather and Down (2013)

Swedish singer Karin Maria Andersson, released on the Japanese Irma label!

Keshco (2013)

In 1983 the first in a long-running series of Now! compilation albums was released in the UK. For the 30th anniversary, Keshco produced a thirty-track tribute to the original release. Listen at their Bandcamp page.

Lydia Loveless (2014)

The excellent Lydia Loveless covered TDK on ‘Something Else’
We like Lydia so much, here’s a live version of the song too:

Katrina Leskanich (2015)


Katrina Leskanich -They Don't Know - live - Wildlife Rocks

Live at Guildford Cathedral – 5th May 2014

Karen Basset (2015)

They Don't Know (cover) by Karen Basset

Heart Shaped Stone (2015)

Bonita Delaney (2015)

Bonita Delaney - They Don't Know - Kirsty MacColl cover

Larry Cox (2015)

"They Don't Know" - Kirsty MacColl (cover)

Raven & Darien Dill (2016)

Lexa Vonn (2016)

Lexa Vonn - They Don't Know - Kirsty MacColl cover

Maria Wideawake (2016)

They don't know (kirsty maccoll cover)

Lewis Leighton (2016)

Kirsty mcall cover: they don't know

Donald Gooch (2017)

They Don't Know About Us - Kirsty MacColl cover

Orion Rigel Dommisse (2017)

"They Don't Know" by Kirsty MacColl (cover by Orion Rigel Dommisse)

Orion Rigel Dommisse posted this space age cover in March 2017.



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