Chip Shop Live Covers

This page will take a while to load, please be patient. These are the many clips of people playing live versions of Chip Shop, listened in order of appearance. The mighty, the questionable and the downright obscure for your enjoyment! Take your time, this is one popular song. You can find studio and home recordings here.

The New Seekers (1981)

The New Seekers
The New Seekers
Live versions we know of include the New Seekers who, in late 1981 added it to their set list, replacing ‘Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For?’

Thin Lizzy (1981)

Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy
Esteemed Irish rockers Thin Lizzy sequed one of their songs into a brief chorus of ‘Chip Shop’ in a live show on 16th August 1981 at Slane Castle.

Wat Tyler (1990)

Wat Tyler
Wat Tyler
Wat Tyler recorded two different versions in the early nineties. These were entitled ‘There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Saddam’ and ‘There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Satan’. Compilation ‘I’m forever blowing Bubbles’ on Rugger Bugger Records, 1992. Awful sound quality sadly. This is the Saddam veriant filmed at the Square in Harlow.

The Diagnostics (2008)

Soiree (2008)

Soiree (Hector Gilchrist, Sue Graves and Steve Poole).

Ruby Pepper (2009)

Kirsty’s Little Fan (when she was 13) and the massed chorus of the Phoenix Artists Club, captured at the 2009 Soho Square celebration. Watch out for our late host Maurice on tray duty.

The Picketts (2009)

Featuring the excellent Christy McWilson, at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, 29th May 2009. The band covered it on the compilation ‘Shotgun Barbecue’. Kirsty fan Wes E told us “It was delightful to meet and chat with Christy before and after her set. She’s a huge Kirsty fan (her words); she’s also, as befits a songwriter, perceptive and sharp as a fresh X-Acto knife. Her album is titled ‘The Lucky One’.

Jon Dean (2009)

Phill Jupitus and the Kirsty Tribute Cast (2010)

Phill Jupitus does a fine version backed by the cast at the Kirsty tribute show at Shepherds Bush Empire in 2010. Watch for Kim Wilde, Amy MacDonald, Catherine Tate, Brian Kennedy, Eddi Reader, Mary Coughlan, Ben Taylor (the promoter), Billy Bragg, Jean MacColl, Pete Glenister, Dave Ruffy, Gary Sanford, Boz Boorer, Ellie Goulding, Phil Rambow, James Knight, the list goes on and on!

Mike Edwards (2011)

Mike’s impromptu rendition filmed at the Flying Shack opening night.

The Lesley Curtis Band (2011)

Live in action in Aslackby Village Hall, Lincolnshire in aid of the ‘Help for Heroes‘ charity, on 26th March 2011.

Julie ‘Katz’ Davies (2011)

The fabulous Elvis & Chips line dance.

Mandy Marie Luke (2011)

Mandy Marie Luke’s second song at her UK debut performance at The Railway Tavern, Tivettshall, 21st December 2012.

Sure Touch (2012)


The Ginny Brown Band (2012)

Recorded at the Red Lion, Isleworth 17th January 2012.

The Papa Bears (2012)

This is from the Beat Lane album, all the vocals on the cd are by Jen, on live shows Sarah supplies the wonderful harmonies with a little help from Keith and Dave. The inimitable Elvis Boskett supplied his own costume.

Sylvia Smit (2012)

At a restaurant/bar in Havana Schiedam, July 2012

A Few Dirty Coins (2013)

Trisha & the Linchpins (2013)

Audio only, recorded at the Croft Studio in County Galway, Ireland.

ONYX Band (2013)
Filmed at an Oxfam benefit on 22nd March 2013.

Arton Hillbillies (2013)

Arton Hillbillies from Brisbane.

The Pompey Pluckers with Janet Ayres (uploaded in 2013)

Claire M (2013)

Shame about the sound quality though.

Siamese Angel (2014)

Siames Angel filmed at the Post Office Club in York.

Dee Twentyman
Another karaoke version, surely deserves more than its current 9 views!

Another Girl Another Planet (2014)

Very satisying and brilliantly named.

Nisse Hellberg

Nisse played a version at his show in St Gertrud, Malmo according to

Run Devil Run (2014)

From Leighton Buzzard.

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