Backing Vocals 1984 (Frida, Simple Minds, Tracey Ullman, Daniel Balavoine)

Daniel Balavoine

When Frida was in Paris recording her ‘Shine album in 1984, she and Kirsty provided backing vocals for French singer Daniel Balavoine on the song ‘Dieu que c’est beau’. Daniel Balavoine and Kirsty co-wrote ‘The Face’ for Frida’s album.


Frida brought in Kirsty to add vocals to her 1984 album ‘Shine, notably on the songs ‘One little lie’:

Frida-"One Little Lie," 1984

Kirsty’s original demo version of ‘One Little Lie’ is included on the 2023 box set See That Girl.

‘The face’:
Incidentally, French singer Catherine Ferry recorded a single called ‘Quelqu’un quelque part (Someone, somewhere)’ in 1986. This song had its roots in ‘The Face’:

Daniel apparently wasn’t too happy with the production of the original song, and decided to make a French version with new lyrics for Catherine. After Balavoine’s death in a helicopter crash in 1986, fellow musician Jean-Jacques Goldman eventually wrote a set of French lyrics (Goldman must have liked the title — he wrote another, entirely different, song called ‘Quelque part, quelqu’un’ in 2000).

‘Chemistry tonight’:

Frida - Chemistry tonight

and ‘That’s tough’:

The album was produced by Steve Lillywhite and recorded at the Studios de la Grand Armée in Paris. Kirsty co-wrote the songs mentioned.

Co-written with Daniel Balavoine, Frida and Simon Climie, ‘That’s tough’ now appears only on the ‘Agnetha’ & Frida compilation. ‘One Little Lie’, ‘Chemistry Tonight’ and ‘The Face’ appear on Frida’s solo album ‘Shine’, released in 1984. Note that Kirsty also sang backing vocals on the album including a special appearance on the 12” version of the title track.

Alisha was a New York teenager when she covered ‘One Little Lie’ in 1986.

Tracey Ullman

tracey ullman (you caught me out)

Tracey recorded the more readily available version of Kirsty’s ‘You caught me out’ on an album of the same name, and a version of ‘Terry’:

Tracey Ullman - Terry

Simple Minds

The 12″ single extended mix of 1984 ‘Speed your love to me is highly Kirsty-friendly, the original is sourced from ‘Sparkle in the rain’, as is ‘Street hassle’.