Busy Life

Written by Neil Innes


A busy life keeps a body busy
With so many same old things to do
So why not stop a while and take a good look around?
Maybe you will find out something new to you
Like how do the trees make noises?
And where does the wind come from?
When and why do dragonflies say "Hey, what’s going on?"A busy life
keeps a body busy
If you never take the time of day
To ask yourself "Is there something else?"
And maybe find the answer’s just a stone’s throw away
A busy life keeps a body busy

Taken from a 1995 Channel 4 TV film – The Adventures of Mole – the song was used for the opening credits.

Kirsty is also credited with Tim Finn on ‘Long Ago’, from the same soundtrack, though it is hard to hear any trace of Kirsty on the very brief segment (Rat and Mole are chattering over it which doesn’t help).

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