Other People’s Songs

Kirsty with Billy Bragg (photo by Terry Hurley)
Kirsty with Billy Bragg (photo by Terry Hurley)

“You could be out singing other people’s songs, if you weren’t still singing mine”

This is an index page for all songs which Kirsty MacColl sang but did not write, each song page is likely to contain the following:

  • Songwriter credits
  • YouTube clip (where one exists)
  • Chord transcription (these are done by Kirsty’s fans)
  • Lyrics
  • Commentary (when significant)
  • Details of the song’s original appearance in Kirsty’s discography
  • Links to all the other releases where you can find the song
  • Details (and often youTube clips) of original and other cover versions of the song

For songs which were written or co-written by Kirsty MacColl, please consult the index page for Kirsty songs.

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  1. Strange Place, strange people… The link to the Shaman’s Blues version by Kirsty on YT deleted… But you can find it and share.

    1. The link deletion in comments was a default setting in our anti spam thing. I’ve just changed the setting to allow links for approved comments, as it should be.

  2. Kirsty’s cove of The Doors track ‘Shaman’s Blues’ is now available on YouTube. A new one for the Other People’s Songs List 🙂

  3. I don’t know if you’re aware, but according to Sun On The Water, Kirsty did a recording with Carl Chase which was unreleased called We Can’t Go On Like This in 1981. It was written by Roger Tomlin. Copies do exist.

    1. Well spotted Ruby! I tried to have this added to the the last compilation release as a bonus gem with no luck. I don’t have a copy but have heard it, it’s in the country style, and was easily good enough.