Backing Vocals 1991 (Billy Bragg, David Byrne, Wonderstuff, Holly Johnson, Alison Moyet)

Billy Bragg

Kirsty appears in the video for ‘Sexuality’. The CD single includes two alternative mixes: the ‘Manchester Remix’ is fairly close but the ‘London Remix’ is dancier and has more prominent “ooh aah” vocals.

Billy Bragg - Sexuality video

David Byrne

A very important session for Kirsty since she imported many of the musicians to add flavours to ‘Electric Landlady, not least ‘My affair’ This was a 1989 album (No. 52), ‘Rei Momo’ and Kirsty appears on the songs ‘Independence Day’, ‘Make believe Mambo’, ‘The call of the wild’, ‘The Dream Police’, ‘Don’t want to be part of your world’ and ‘Lie to me’

The song ‘Make Believe Mambo’ is included on the 2023 box set See That Girl.

Holly Johnson

Kirsty sings on ‘Boyfriend 65 ’ on Holly’s 1991 album, ‘Dreams that money can’t buy’.

‘Boyfriend 65’ is included on the 2023 box set See That Girl.

Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet - Wishing You Were Here (Video)

Kirsty sings the part of the ‘Elysian Chorus’ on the song ‘Wishing you were here’, which reached No. 72 in the UK singles chart. Pete Glenister co-wrote most of the 1991 album (‘Hoodoo’) and produced it.

‘Wishing You Were Here’ is included on the 2023 box set See That Girl.

The Wonderstuff

Wonder Stuff - The Cheap Seats

Their 1991 No.3 album ‘Never loved Elvis featured ‘Welcome to the cheap seats’. The single remix features Kirsty much higher in the mix. Finally, the version issued on “Reel 2” of the two CD set is dubbed the ‘Naked Mix’, “We’ve removed our ramshackle performance from this song in order to make Kirsty’s sweet tones audible.”

‘Welcome to the Cheap Seats’ is included on the 2023 box set See That Girl.