Fairytale of New York 2001-2006

The Pogues with Katie Melua (2005)

Katie Melua and The Pogues: Fairytale of New York

Eastenders Christmas Party (2004)

Shane Richie & Jill Halfpenny. Classic.

'Fairytale of New York' - EastEnders Christmas Party - BBC

Håkan Hellström & Plura Jonsson (2006)

Håkan Hellström feat. Plura Jonsson - Fairytale of New York

No Use for a Name (2006)

NO USE FOR A NAME w/ CINDER BLOCK - Fairytale of New York in Schweinfurt Germany April 26, 2006

Californian punk outfit No Use for a Name, from their album ‘More Betterness!’ Matt Riddle says, "we recorded it once before with another singer, but on this one Cinder Block from Tilt wanted to sing it and we were like "that’d be rad" ya know so it turned out really good and then we toured with Tilt and did it like every night and now I’m kinda burned on it.

Fairytale of New York - No Use For A Name

The Beauties with Samantha Martin (2006)

From an annual concert at the Mod Club in Toronto in support of the Regent Park School of Music.

The Beauties cover "Fairytale of New York" at the Andy Kim Christmas Show

Stars (2005)

City Slang says, "Montreal in winter is a cold, cruel place. It’s the sort of city where you have to chip the tears off your cheeks when you start to cry, where words freeze barely halfway out of your mouth. Last January, Montreal’s Stars (Torquil and Amy) escaped the city for an even colder place. Bundled in parkas, they headed to North Hatley, in Quebec’s rural Eastern Townships, hunkered down and set themselves on fire. When the snow melted and they came out blinking in the sun, Stars discovered they’d made something of staggering beauty."

Droppkick Murphys with Stephanie Dougherty (2004)

Live from Lowlands Festival

Dropkick Murphys-Fairytale of New York[Pogues Cover]

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