Tomorrow Never Comes

Written by Kirsty MacColl and Mark E. Nevin
Kirsty MacColl - Tomorrow Never Comes


I watch you lie asleep, watch you breathing
And as you fall and rise like the tears in my eyes
I know you’ll be leaving

I’ve earned all the pain, I suppose it was worth it
I’d do it again but I just couldn’t face it
And if I see you again you won’t be the person I knew
I look to the future and see a thousand setting suns
But tomorrow never comes

I still watch from my window to see if you’re coming
But I know in my heart there’s really no chance
You’ll never stop running
It’s like waiting for Xmas again
It’s all lost in the blink of an eye

And about all the pain, well you know it was worth it
You could do it again but I just don’t deserve it
Let us part in the rain so the clouds hide the despair
And the sorrow I feel on the inside
And let my tears dry in the light of a setting sun
And tomorrow never comes

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