Fairytale of New York 2014

Rapalje Theatertour (2014)

Rapalje Theatertour 2014 (9) Fairytale of New York

Stephen Brennan (2014)

Lovely guitar arrangement, plus some self confessed off key singing!

Kirsty Williams (2014)

Sadly audio only, recorded at an open mic night.

OnklP. & Inger Lise Rypdal (2014)

Broadcasting from Oslo.

John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson (2014)

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues (cover by John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson)

Randy Weasel and Kooei Goose (2014)

The best cover version ever. Or perhaps the worst!

Fairy Tale of New York (with Randy Weasel and Kooei Goose)

Zabrina Citrus (2014)

Just a lip sync job, but they had fun with it.

Fairytale of New York in Irish Sign Language (2014)

4 Schools 1 Language. Fairytale of New York performed in ISL by students from St. Dominic’s College, St. Declan’s College, St. Mary’s School for Deaf Girls & St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys, Dublin 7.

Fairytale of New York in Irish Sign Language

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