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  1. I am looking for a copy of Kristy singing Belle of Belfast City it only seems to be available in Tell Me Ma by Sham Rock. Where am I going wrong?

    1. This is not Kirsty, she never sang Belle of Belfast City. Several people have asked them to remove the reference to Kirsty completely, but since they have not done so I assume it’s being left there as click bait to attract more visitors.

  2. just listening to the ‘Fairy tale of New York as I do every Xmas and thinking of our October re-union and looking at all the wonderful comments in this guest book—this is her legacy –long may she live adrian

  3. I remember her face from the Billy Bragg “Sexuality” video. A btiful, warm friendly face.All these years later, I just discovered who she was this morning; I wish I had discovered her sooner. She leaves us a wonderful gift.

  4. Kirsty held her own even when she was second to the likes of The Pogues or backing vocals for Jonah Lewie or whoever – she was a star. But she really shone when she was singing by herself – a voice that carved canyons in musical history – noone will come near her talent again.

  5. Remembering and raising a glass to you today as ever Dear Kirsty,you really probably are my perfect woman! Apologies for coming the Cowboy!!X

  6. Kirsty , is very much missed . I have read so much about her, feel I grew up with her . Such a wonderful heart with so much talent and love . Tomorrow at 7:00 PM Central time in Houston Texas I will be playing a gig . The best I can do is to Play Fairytale of New York and to do the best I can to tell ” Kirsty’s ” story. It will be hard to hold the tears back.
    Someday we will make it to Soho with ya’ll
    God bless

  7. I’just watching a film (Adore) and they’re dancing to In These Shoes, so I sed it and came to look on the web and found this site. I can’t hear Kirsty’s voice without tears coming to my eyes. She’s not the only artist to have died, but she’s the only one whose death has touched me the way hers has. It’s just so wrong. Whenever my husband and I listen to her together we always talk about her and what terrible loss it is. She is alive in our hearts. Much love to her family xx