Shoes cover versions (2000-2009)

Here is a collection of cover versions of Kirsty MacColl’s ‘In These Shoes?’ from 2000 to 2009. Please be patient, this page may take a while to load … and there’s also a Part 2 from 2010 onwards!

Bette Midler (2000)

BETTE MIDLER - In these Shoes

In 2000, Bette Midler recorded by far the most successful cover of ‘Shoes’, released on the album ‘Bette’ and as a single. It is the perfect song for The (original) Divine Miss M, and she changed the lyrics slightly, to include the “Peace Corps” amongst other things.

Cathi Walkup is a San Francisco-based jazz singer, and she delivers Kirsty’s two big Latin shuffles in a cool alto on her 2002 album ‘Cathi Walkup playing favorites!’.

Key of She

Key of She - In These Shoes

French Meadowettes

In These Shoes? - 2006 French Meadowettes dance routine

Shaynee Rainbolt’s fine 2006 cover is from the album ‘At Home’. Finally, Barbro ‘Lill-Babs’ Svensson sang the song ‘with Swedish lyrics and dancers and all’ on Swedish TV.

Hot Mambo (2007)

In These Shoes (Hot Mambo)

Julie Reyburn (2008)

Julie Reyburn "In These Shoes"

Glitzy Glamour (2007)

Glitzy Glamour - In These Shoes

Rochford Records (2008)

In These Shoes - Kirsty MacColl

Camille O’Sullivan (2009)

Camille O'Sullivan In These Shoes Later with Jools Holland

A collaboration between Chilean jazz singer/ pianist Claudia Acuña and an Afro-Cuban jazz band led by arranger Arturo O’Farrill.

Halvsøstra (2009 / 2019)

Halvsøstra plays Kirsty MacColl in Norwegian, retitles ‘I disse skoa?’.

Glimpses from concert in Norway.

Halvsostra med Kirsty MacColl

Demon Dolls Burlesque Show (2009)

in these shoes? demon dolls burlesque show

Yuvanna (2009)

Footage from the Miss Gay Vancouver Pageant!

Jazz singer Chantz recorded the song on ‘Stories Of Me’ – “the male reply to Kirsty’s original. I wonder what she would have made of it?”

Catherine Tate (2010)

Catherine Tate - In These Shoes - A Tribute To Kirsty MacColl

Now then. Od Tapo Imi appear to be Chicago’s Steel Drum ensemble, and they give it a good old go. Stranger still is their cover of Kirsty live standard (and Ramones classic) ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’. Find both on &lquo;Tank Tops & Flip Flops’, their 2008 release. In 2009 we have an album from Calpysonuts (Rob and Lynley), who appear to play cruise liners and parties in the Florida region. Unheard, but it is surely our song. New Mediterrana Group’s version was was released in 2010.

A version from May 2010’s aimed squarely at Clubland with a thumping dance backbeat over a pretty standard rendition by the mysterious Deborah. Hear it for yourself on Spotify – search for the album ‘Fiesta Compilation, Vol. 2’ or ‘Balli Di Gruppo 2 Part 1’. Another clubby cover from 2008 can be found on the album ‘Baila Mambo’ and on a various artists CD in 2009 called ‘Fabulous Salsa’ by Baila Mambo. It’s on Spotify under Baila Mambo.

Ginger Leigh (2011)

Ginger Leigh sang it live in downtown Austin, along with ‘Mambo de la Luna’. According to Wes E, “not too badly either. Stylistically, she is a shapeshifter and as eclectic as advertised. It’s good to hear some MacColl music live once in a while, especially in the heart of Texas.”

The Wilsher (2011)

Webcam cover.

Gusty Winds (2012)

Gusty Winds, performing "Not in These Shoes" by Bette Midler (excerpt),

Kristin Chenoweth (2012)

Kristin Chenoweth In These Shoes

Um, yeah.

Theme Music Group (2013)

"In These Shoes" - Kirsty MacColl (cover)

Les Pantalons Rouge (2013)

In These Shoes? (Kristy MacColl Cover)

The Ukelazies (2014)

In These Shoes- Kirsty McColl - Ukulele Cover by the Ukulazies

and finally

a karaoke version for you:

Kirsty MacColl - In These Shoes? (Karaoke Instrumental)

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