Germany (unreleased)

Written by Alan Lee Shaw and Kirsty MacColl

An unreleased Kirsty MacColl song circa 1981/2. The song is not officially in circulation but is available on YouTube.

Kirsty MacColl - Germany

Lyrics courtesy of Richard Atkinson:

Oh won’t you take me by the hand
And show me round this foreign land
I cannot stay too long in Germany

The streets of gold are oh so clean
I cannot tell where I’ve just been
I must not stay too long in Germany

Now if we speak in foreign tongue
I won’t remember what I’ve done
And I won’t stay too long in Germany

The flowers in my room will die
The sun might shine but I must fly
I cannot stay long in Germany

Is this the banquet of the west
And what will happen to the rest
If I should stay too long in Germany

The junkies stretched out on the street
The finest you could ever meet
But they need German hospitality

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