Am I Right?

Written by Kirsty MacColl and Colin Stuart


Chords for Am I Right?, transcribed by John Meranda.  According to Colin Stuart, the chords are E A Am B C, not an F# in sight!


I want so much to do so well
I’ve tried too hard till I can’t tell
Am I right?
I ask you now, am I right?

I’m asking an opinion
If you’ve got one will you give one
Am I right?

You say that I should change because
You want the girl I never was
Am I right?
A waste of time, am I right?
Come on out and say
I’m not the girl you want today
Am I right?

Am I right?
Am I right?
Am I right?
Am I right?

Tonight my insecurity has really got a hold of me
I’m begging you baby, tell me it’s alright
Am I right?
Am I right?

For the French & Saunders TV show, this song was taken apart and rebuilt! The French & Saunders version (1:47) is known as Ride with different lyrics to accompany the “motorbiking” sketch.

Although Colin Stuart is not listed in the credits on the original single or later compilations, according to Kirsty he co-wrote this.

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Diane Griffin (2014)

Am I Right? -- Diane Griffin (Kirsty MacColl cover)

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