Maybe It’s Imaginary

Written by Kirsty MacColl
Kirsty MacColl - Maybe Its Imaginary


Maybe it’s imaginary, I’d like to know
What’s the world coming to and where will it go?
The hole in the sky where the sunshine gets in
It dries up the land as it mucks up your skin
And I don’t know why, who will reveal?
Maybe it’s imaginary, maybe it’s real

We wash all the food and we peel off the skin
But what is the point if it’s poisoned within?
Now I don’t know why we say OK
Maybe it’s imaginary, hope it’s not too late

And when in the summer we go to the sea
The things floating by aren’t what we want to see
And I’d change it all if I had one wish
I’d never go swimming with those nuclear fish
Maybe those imaginary rivers run dry
But if it’s true then I’d like to know why
I don’t know much but I’d like to know why<

Cover Versions

Quintessential Quirk (QQ) was a sunset variety fundraiser show for The Clink Theatre in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia, here’s Karen White (uploaded in 2009):

QQ2009 - Maybe It's Imaginary, performed by Karen White

Safely Limitless does a Kirsty MacColl cover at the Hideout on Congress on Wednesdays (uploaded in 2009):

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