Kirsty Songs

Portrait of Kirsty by Charles Dickins
Portrait of Kirsty by Charles Dickins

The web site places Kirsty’s self penned songs at its heart. Kirsty was a songwriter of the highest calibre and we want this to be up front and central to your visit.

This is an index page for all songs written or co-written by Kirsty MacColl, each song page is likely to contain the following:

  • Songwriter credits
  • YouTube clip (where one exists)
  • Chord transcription (these are done by Kirsty’s fans)
  • Lyrics
  • Commentary (when significant)
  • Details of the song’s original appearance in Kirsty’s discography
  • Links to all the other releases where you can find the song
  • Details (and often youTube clips) of cover versions of the song

For songs which Kirsty sang but did not write, please consult the index page for other people’s songs.

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  1. On YouTube there is a newly discovered song by Kirsty called ‘Love Is Cruel’ which isn’t listed here 🙂

  2. I’ve heard of her but never had the pleasure of seeing her perform. “Fairytale Of New York” just knocked me out of my chair, and now I have a whole bunch of listening to do; all I can say is “WoW”.

  3. Hello Kirsty. I forgot to leave my name and email. I sent a comment about your song “they don’t know” being the most btiful melody and lyrical content than any song I have ever heard. the best song I have ever heard!

  4. Thoughts of Kirsty during the Christmas season the world lost a precious soul that December day in 2000. RIP Kirsty always