Kirsty Songs

Portrait of Kirsty by Charles Dickins
Portrait of Kirsty by Charles Dickins

The web site places Kirsty’s self penned songs at its heart. Kirsty was a songwriter of the highest calibre and we want this to be up front and central to your visit.

This is an index page for all songs written or co-written by Kirsty MacColl, each song page is likely to contain the following:

  • Songwriter credits
  • YouTube clip (where one exists)
  • Chord transcription (these are done by Kirsty’s fans)
  • Lyrics
  • Commentary (when significant)
  • Details of the song’s original appearance in Kirsty’s discography
  • Links to all the other releases where you can find the song
  • Details (and often youTube clips) of cover versions of the song

For songs which Kirsty sang but did not write, please consult the index page for other people’s songs.

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  1. On YouTube there is a newly discovered song by Kirsty called ‘Love Is Cruel’ which isn’t listed here 🙂

    1. Hi Craig – I heard the demos you posted. Great stuff. Would love to hear more about them. Email below.

  2. I’ve heard of her but never had the pleasure of seeing her perform. “Fairytale Of New York” just knocked me out of my chair, and now I have a whole bunch of listening to do; all I can say is “WoW”.

  3. Hello Kirsty. I forgot to leave my name and email. I sent a comment about your song “they don’t know” being the most btiful melody and lyrical content than any song I have ever heard. the best song I have ever heard!

  4. Thoughts of Kirsty during the Christmas season the world lost a precious soul that December day in 2000. RIP Kirsty always