London Girls

Written by Kirsty MacColl

Dream Stuffing - Girls & Gays Behaving Badly - Channel 4 Sitcom 1984 - Kirsty Mccoll Theme Tune.


I woke up this morning but I don’t know what for
With the final reminders coming through the door
The place is a mess
The situation’s dire
Now the kettle is boiling
And the toast’s on fire
I don’t want a job being somebody’s wife
I just want to see some action in my life

Everybody seems to get me wrong
But you and me, we usually get along
It’s a funny old world for London girls

This was a TV theme from a 1983 Channel 4 sitcom called Dream Stuffing about two girls (both early 20’s) one mixed race, one sort of punkish, who lived in a high rise tower block on a council estate in London. Also in the series was the sassy elderly mother of the mixed race girl, and their gay neighbour whom both girls initially had designs on. It was a great series, but sadly only lasted for about 6 episodes. Kirsty’s theme track to it was excellent! Source – Stevie.

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