Backing Vocals 1979 (Jane Aire, Riff Regan)

Jane Aire & the Belvederes

Kirsty is in the backing chorus on the Virgin album ‘Jane Aire & the Belvederes’. The Belvederes were Glyn Havard, Lu Edmonds, Gavin Povey and Jon Moss, who as The Edge played on ‘They Don’t Know’.

Riff Regan

This is an unconfirmed appearance on one of two 1979 singles, ‘You Call Me Lucky/ ‘Jacoby Island and ‘The Only One’/ ‘The Lucky Dub.

Miles Tredinnick was, as Riff Regan, the former singer of the band London. Miles says, “Liam Sternberg was producing my records at exactly the same time as Kirsty’s using the same musicians and at the same recording studio (Island in Basing St, West London.) I can certainly remember turning up for my sessions and Kirsty already being there having completed her sessions. She would then hang around whilst I did my vocals and may well have sung backing on something but I can’t honestly remember.” Source: PM