Real (1983 recording, 2023 digital release)

Long lost “second album” ‘Real’ is now available on streaming services.  ‘Real’ includes the previously unreleased 12-inch version of ‘Berlin’, and what would have been its B-Side, ‘Rhythm Of The Real Thing’.

The cover artwork is from a 1983 photo by Paul Cox, reworked by Estuary English design house.  Keen eyed fans may notice that while the original film stock included the brand name ILFORD FP4, this has been carefully tweaked for our sleeve, and now reads CROYDON CR7.

Here are the original tape boxes. The handwriting is that of engineer Phil Bodger. It actually tells us that ‘Berlin’ was going to be Polydor single POSP569, and the extended version was going to be POSPX569, so they got as far as allocating catalogue numbers.

The previously unreleased second album until USM found the original tapes for the album.   All synths and stuff.  Lovely.

Two other songs from the same era are in circulation – ‘Germany’ and ‘Goodnight Paris’  though they were not in the ‘Real’ plans. For years we carried this artwork, which was knocked together by freeworld from an uncredited photograph from the era.  Since I’m still fond of it it can stay for now . . .

Real (unreleased 1983 LP) front cover