Other People’s Hearts (B.Sides 1988-1989)

Other People’s Hearts (B.Sides 1988-1989) front cover

The latest in an excellent run of Kirsty compilations arrives on 29th August 2020.  All the B-sides from the ‘Kite’ releases are here and it’s a great 180g pressing on clear vinyl.  This is a Record Store Day exclusive so you’ll need to be attentive to grab it.

Yes, you’re got all these songs already but it’s well packaged, well sequenced and well transferred and the clear vinyl is gorgeous!

This is the first appearance on vinyl for ‘Please Help Me I’m Falling’, ‘La Fôret de Mimosas’ and ‘Am I Right?’.

Is it worth the money?  Definitely!

We’re not sure where this release will be available yet so keep checking your Record Store Day sources.

The vinyl sounds terrific and happy to say that our lab testing agrees, scoring a dynamic range value of 10 overall with every track scoring high up the individual lists.  Basically, the higher it places the more faithful it is to the original sound.