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  1. Christopher csays:

    Kristy maccoll is same name on keep up appearance i am her character husband my name is Christopher bucket with there wonderful daughters Sheridan bucket play Sheridan smith Valeria bucket play Valeria Andrews and Anna bucket play Lindsey lohan we meet in school she is teacher and i am student she want me going her anniversary mass i saying to Church about ups and downs this year

  2. larry english atlanta gasays:

    super talent singing and song writing i'm still listening to her and i have heard a LOT of music not many go back to like kirsty wle

  3. Angelasays:

    rest in peace Kirsty such a wonderful person gone to soon will always remember you RIP x

  4. Kelly webbsays:

    You all are strong and her loss too great.may her family be blessed as she watches over the boys and may the gutless monster who murdered her be cursed with losses n he be a begger on the street n live long life thinking of the evil awaiting him in darkness the scum....

  5. Olesiasays:

    I feel really sorry for your loss. Kirsty was an extremely talented person. She also was the best mother who gave her life in order to save the life of her son. It is a soft relief that her final moment was spent in a beautiful place. I learnt about her listening to Fairytale in New York in my English language classes with Lucien. Love from Vitebsk in Belarus!

  6. Ruby Peppersays:

    Thank you for your wonderful message, Chris. Merry Christmas to you as well! X

  7. Chris Bonifacesays:

    Message for Dougie Love, just read your message/question from November. Kirsty Tee shirts available at: REDBUBBLE. com. Hope that helps. Kind regards Chris Boniface

  8. Chris Bonifacesays:

    Ruby, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your relentless dedication(& serious hard work) in updating the website. Where would we be without your selfless dedication. Thank you so much. See you at Kirstyfest 2024. Love Chris xxx

  9. Stephen Delahuntysays:

    Its with deep heartfelt sadness i write this message, im lost for words really, you were a talented and beautiful woman and a real hero too,i said a prayer for you today. Rest in peace Kirsty and Jean and Shane.

  10. christopher csays:

    i knew kristy since 43 years i actullay having date with her the time her name kirty brown her of screen name was kristy maccoll i missing my character wife i love you

  11. Michael Rudolfsays:

    ''Fairytale'' my new (to me) favorite Xmas song. Sorry to hear about the death (December 18th date) and the negligence that took her. The great thing about an artist is they remain very much alive to the consumer (listener/observer) of the art long after the individual is no longer with us! As I contest to that - a new lover of ''Fairytale NY'' with the Pogues!!

  12. Maureen Porcellisays:

    I always think of Kirsty at this time of year and her wonderful mum Jean. She fought tirelessly to try and get him who was responsible brought to justice. He's a rich man and money talks, he obviously used his boat hand to take the blame for the accident and even then he was found guilty of culpable homicide and fined £61 unbelievable. Mexico says it all, I often wonder if our government did enough and wonder if it might have been different if it would have been an American citizen who knows? Such a horrific accident infront of her two sons my heart broke for them at the time. She was so young and so talented she will always be missed. Rest in peace beautiful Kirsty and your wonderful mum Jean.

  13. Maureen Porcellisays:

    Justice will never be served for Kirsty because the man sailing the boat is rich and let his boat hand take the blame. Money talks obviously, I think it is disgusting. Even the man who took the blame but was innocent was only fined £61 for culpable homicide. Unbelievable! Rest in peace beautiful Kirsty and your wonderful mum Jean.

  14. Cathy Cousinssays:

    I seen you in jersey when I lived there and I fell in love with you so much you really had the voice of an angel RIP Kirsty 💋

  15. Gabrielle Tannersays:

    Can just imagine the outcry if a Mexican had been killed in the UK. There would have been an outcry from the whole world.

  16. Maggiesays:

    It's a tragic case of a talented beautiful singer songwriter Kirsty McColl. The boat owner won't take responsibility. Sadly we live in an unfair world, where evil people do bad things and get away with them.

  17. Marjorie Sharkeysays:

    In these shoes....pure gold RIP fly high

  18. J devereuxsays:

    Marvelous singer

  19. Jonathan Weisssays:

    I used to photograph celebs and when people ask me who was the nicest I always say Kirsty. She was a sweetheart and a kind person. Hearing fairy tale brings tears to my eyes. Taken away much too soon.

  20. Nigelsays:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with the World. Your words are an inspiration still.

  21. Simonsays:

    Listening to one of Kirsty's albums and reminded of the injustice. RIP Kirsty. Being just a little younger than you, I loved your music when younger and do so even more now. A fantastic lyric-writer. I'm supposed be a grown-up, but I;m shedding a tear at the unfairness of how the music industry and rich capitalists treated you in life and then in death.

  22. Dougie Lovesays:

    Been over the moon today listening to Kirstys 'new' albums, love the live recording warts and all with feedback etc and the second lost album, although I loved and so much enjoyed hearing them it was tinged with a little sadness, another reminder of what we have missed since see left us, so wiping away the tear but feeling overwhelmed with happiness thinking again of the good times I had growing listening to her angelic voice and beautiful words, the rest of the day has been getting out all my vinyls including my cherished signed 12" Innocence and playing them as we should and not just Spotify. I wish so much I could get a Justice For Kirsty t-shirt or just any t-shirt (anyone help?) for the summer! It might be cold outside today but my heart is warm with the love for our Kirsty. Thank you all for this site I shall be popping in often now I've found it 🥰Must dash, Kite is going on the turntable again!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Thomassays:

    Happy birthday, dear Kirsty. Can't believe, it's been so long. I am looking forward to the new boxset. Seems to have a lot of little treasures on it.

  24. Claresays:

    Happy heavenly birthday Kirsty. The world is less bright without your light. RIP Autumn girl.

  25. Claresays:

    Been listening to her music recently and discovering all her amazing work that I hadnt heard before. She was so talented and creative. Truely an angel taken from us far to soon ????RIP Kirsty and her mum.

  26. Juan L uis Polosays:

    Always on my mind. I will never forget her and her songs. R.I.P. with all my love.

  27. Clive Wilsonsays:

    Thank you to all who keep Kirsty's flame going. I still remember Kirsty and her family. Since this travesty I continue to boycott Mexican big business.

  28. Pipersays:

    I wasn't even born yet when Kirsty died, but her music will forever mean so much to me. She had a talent that will never be replaced and left us way too soon, it's so sad to think about how many more amazing things she could've gone to do if she'd been alive longer. Poor Kirsty was only 41 ????. But at least we have the most amazing music to remember her by. "And though you're gone, you're with me every single day believe me". RIP Kirsty, we will never forget about you ❤️

  29. Eriksays:

    Dear Kirsty, your music was part of my life since the early 80s, I´ve always loved the lyrics and the harmonic sophistication of your songs. You were a true musician´s musician. What a tragic loss , and shameful injustice. Love to you and your dear ones from Munich. You're unforgotten.

  30. Stephen Rochesays:

    A beautiful compassionate human being who prduced some sublime music you too Jean you did your best ❤ R.I.P both

  31. Neil Forrestsays:

    Very few singers today have the throaty, confident and skilled sound as Kirsty. Her songs are often nothing short of excellent, and she always delivers. Wished she was better known in Canada…and wishing her sons and mother well.

  32. Hananhsays:

    R.I.P Kristy R.I.P Jean

  33. Hananhsays:

    R.I.P Kristy

  34. gary makinsays:

    My heart goes out to you at your sad loss. I don't have much money but I would like to help in any way I can . If you need any help with anything then please let me know. Mexico is known for its corruption . And this should not be allowed to happen. I live in Hampshire.

  35. Daxa Bsays:

    It is no doubt tragic when any life is taken so suddenly. But there is something so unjust about a mother being ripped away from her children. My heart and prayers go out to her boys and her family. May Kirsty and Jean, rest in eternal peace. And that peace be brought to her family and friends and let justice finally be served. She was a beautiful, bright, shining light, filled with an immense love and talent, that she shared with the world. She'll never be forgotten. But justice will be served.

  36. Dessays:

    I’ve just been so moved by the documentary… Jean was so courageous and I send so much love to Kirsty’s sons. Kirsty will have Justice, the person responsible will have to account for his heartless actions … of this I am in no doubt… Blessings… x

  37. Clivesays:

    This is unacceptable . Justice.

  38. Chrissays:

    Still missing Kirsty... still look often to her appereance in 88 w w pogues....a natural beauty and talent.... from belgium w love

  39. Susan Millarsays:

    Rest in peace 22 years ago today Kirsty MacColl. So Sad you died 22 years ago today on my fiance Kenny Whyte's birthday today too. Sleep tight England's angel and rest in peace. Safe in the arms of the blessed Lord Jesus. Xxxxxxx

  40. Christine Earlamsays:

    Dear Jean, Every Christmas- here in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia- my family sing a special rendition of “Fairy Tale of New York.”We remember Kirsty and her family but always with the supreme joy, with the supreme happiness that Kirsty’s voice brings. Thank you for that gift. Massive amounts of love to you, and especially Kirsty’s Boys this Christmas. May you all know Kirsty will never be forgotten.

  41. Richard MOsays:

    Just visited Soho Square after meaning to for a number of years. I'm so glad I finally got there. RIP Kirsty.

  42. Billsays:

    I've been on a bit of a music tear the last few days, listening to The Smiths. I just learned that Kirsty sang backup on the song Ask. She has a beautiful voice. I was shocked to find out she had passed away, and passed so long ago.

  43. Jennifer Greensays:

    The importance & appreciation of art & creativity are fully represented here. Kirsty's incredible work is left for us to embrace & fully remember her talent, through songs & archive. I wish her family love, especially following the sad passing of her mother, which I am sure has rippled echoes of loss for Kirsty again. Always in our hearts, I am so grateful for the generosity of this page as well as Kirsty's music ♡ x

  44. Alansays:

    As another Christmas comes and goes, thinking of you Kirtsy. Such a tragic loss.

  45. Brefney Brodericksays:


  46. Darylsays:

    RIP Jean. I know you’ll be holding your beautiful daughter tightly x

  47. Kimsays:

    RIP Jean. Sorry you didn't get to see justice.

  48. Nevi Bakersays:

    So sad for Kirstys Mum and family ,and no justice done to the killers it will be sad in the next month with Christmas hearing Kirsty will be .so sad we love you Kirsty and Mum and family xxxx

  49. Nevi Bakersays:

    So sad for Kirstys Mum and family ,and no justice done to the killers it will be sad in the next month with Christmas hearing Kirsty will be .so sad we love you Kirsty and Mum and family xxxx

  50. Steve Lloydsays:

    I still miss you.

  51. Olliesays:

    Hi Kirsty, I discovered your music only in December just gone and boy what a joyous journey it’s been! I was only 6 when you passed so didn’t grow up with your music but I’m certainly making up for lost time! I’m terribly sad i’ll never get to meet you and thank you for your wonderful music and have a laugh over a drink! But I’m keeping your legacy alive and annoying my friends by playing you constantly in the car! Hope to celebrate you at the Kirstyfest in Soho Square this year. See you at the bench. Ollie

  52. Jacksays:

    Thanks you Kirsty, you are loved and missed. You will not be forgotten xxxx

  53. Rosesays:

    Thinking of Kirsty and Jean today, sending them all my love. I will always be grateful for Kirsty's warm, witty, uplifting music and remember her and her courageous mother xxx

  54. Craig Edwardssays:

    Hiya. A previously unheard interview with KIRSTY from Spring 2000 has been posted on Spotify where you search for The PJRchive. It’s an enjoyable listen.

  55. T.J.says:

    That song "They Don't Know" is just great- melody, lyrics , "middle eight"-everything. I read she wrote that at 17. Billie Joel said he was a sucker for melody- me too. That song is a stroke melodic genius.

  56. Jim Armstrongsays:

    I was watching the end of a movie and when the credits began to roll the song was a cover of " They don't know" by Sid & Susie and it sounded very familiar then it donned on me it was the theme for the Tracy Ulman show so I looked it up on youtube and found the original version and I was blown away by Kirsty's voice and lyrics and as I explored more of her songs I saw an article about her passing. I have to admit that her type of music is so not in my wheelhouse as I am more of a hard rocker, but I can't believe my emotional reaction to her music and how upset I am learning of her tragic death 20 years after the fact and I was not even aware of her at all until a few days ago. I am learning " They don't know" on my bass guitar in her honor. Thank you Kirsty for all of your work!! I will be a fan forever.

  57. malcolmsays:

    I'm very lucky to have found Kirsty's music. Sadly I only made the connection just this month. The only previous exposure I had to her was through her song that Tracey Ullman recorded, which is about as perfect a pop song as could be written. Little did I know what was to follow when I delved into her catalogue more deeply and was blown away by it's magnificence. I understand now why she is loved by so many people including myself.

  58. malcolmsays:

    I'm very lucky to have found Kirsty's music. Sadly I only made the connection just this month. The only previous exposure I had to her was through her song that Tracey Ullman recorded, which is about as perfect a pop song as could be written. Little did I know what was to follow when I delved into her catalogue more deeply and was blown away by it's magnificence. I understand now why she is lived by so many people including myself.

  59. Vanessa Fristedtsays:

    What a beautiful mother! My best wishes to her and Kirsty's family and friends. I often play her brilliant songs.

  60. Helen Harveysays:

    I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. I’ve only just watched the documentary and googled to see if justice was ever served, it wasn’t and it doesn’t surprise me. Kirsty was unfortunately killed in one of the most currupt Countries in the World. Jean was an amazing Mother & woman to campaign so tirelessly for her beloved daughter. My heart goes out to all who knew Kirsty - an amazingly talented and beautiful woman taken too soon.

  61. Jezzasays:

    Typical South American corrupt country If you ain’t got got bucks your f####ed She gave it her best but being foreign had no chance Bare in mind South America took all the Nazis and the robbed money from good honest people so no change now

  62. David Matteysays:

    I dined alone alone in a hotel this Christmas .separated from the main restaurant in a snug bar called "The Snug" and separated from my Chinese wife by a Virus ( Yes the words are in the correct order). Kirsty's voice provided me with comfort as it does each festive season tinged with the inevitable sense of loss. R.I.P. friend and legend .

  63. Richard Davissays:

    RIP,kirsty. Huge talent sadly taken before reaching it's full potential. Her soul will live on in her music loved by millions.

  64. Klarisays:

    Every year we're reminded of Kirsty with Fairytale of New York and it is my for ever favourite Christmas record. My other favourite of Kirsty's is Perfect Day such a rich tone with perfect melodies . We miss you and your never forgotten. Peace and Love x


    My Names Christopher & I just want to say I love Kirsty & her Music. R.I.P Beautiful. X Miss You

  66. Charliesays:

    R.I.P. Kirsty, I love your music, I`ve got the album "Electric Landlady" in a small record shop here in Germany, I miss your voice ... especially in these corona days ...

  67. Vince Barronsays:

    Every year at this time we are reminded of Kirsty's tallent and it always brings a tear to my eye that she was taken too soon. I like to think that she is a lead in the angels choir alongside Aretha and Nena.

  68. Rebecca Phillipssays:

    Kirsty. A beautiful soul. Remembered Always. Sadly Missed. x

  69. louise shippeysays:

    Alway remembered with Love.

  70. David Burrowssays:

    Remembering Kirsty, with sadness and smiles for her vibrant personality... ace music and wonderful radio series about Cuba. An Electric Landlady day - and Fairytale, of course...

  71. Steve MacKenziesays:

    Every time I think of Kirsty it makes my heart sad, but also glad and filled joy, that I have her music and the memories of seeing her live, she was a beautiful and a true talent, miss her everyday. All the love Kirsty, thank you for everything. Xx

  72. Allisonsays:

    Kirsty's beautiful selfless and pure soul will never be forgotten.. we will honor the pure beauty of her life and legacy forever. She has left a mark on my heart forever.

  73. Mariasays:

    It is clear to us all who is responsible for the death of this beautiful soul. Without Jean pursuing, we wouldn’t have known so your work is done Jean. You have proved who the cowardly person is that took Kirsty from you. He won’t escape justice in the next life. Kirsty will be proud of you. RIP Kirsty

  74. Jessicasays:

    R.I.P Kristy

  75. Shay Strattonsays:

    the true love of my life. kirsty is the angel of my punk rock times. She is the woman i dreamt about. When she handed shane his ass i knew this was my girl. totally cool and gone too soon and mystery. She is still who i want to impress on my wife. When i think who would my girl like or act like i think of her cause she is the quenteciantial puink rock girl and ill miss her forever. she is my love and i will never forget about her RIP my love

  76. Kathy Barrysays:

    you were taken too late

  77. AmandaCsays:

    Your passing was too soon, however your songs will last an eternity. Kirstie & Jean may you rest together for ever in peace.

  78. Kate Msays:

    A sad loss to the world of music. A beautiful voice RIP Kirsty 🥀

  79. Mariann Schompsays:

    Thanks for sharing your beauty, kindness, generosity, spirit and talent with the world. Your spirit and voice are a guide for a better world. You are a reminder that talent comes from many different places and one can achieve while overcoming a devastating health issue. You are a shining star and missed. R.I.P. Red Angel~

  80. Jsays:

    Dear Kirsty In 2000 I was devastated to hear the news of your tragic accident. Although I never met you I felt that you were a kind loving generous soul, someone who knows the value of life. Thank you for your music, it is a gift to us. Rest in Peace Kirsty -

  81. Gary Strettonsays:

    Not forgotten and still sung along to regularly. With love and in memory of a special person.

  82. spencer william Moonsays:

    thanks jean and well done xxx

  83. Diane Bettssays:

    Sad a mother didn’t get justice for her murdered beautiful talented daughter RIP. Never forgotten no justice no peace

  84. Paul Cordingsays:

    Another life taken way too soon. You’re days on earth were very precious. The voice of a generation the love for her pours out. Love and thoughts to her mum still fighting for justice, the truth will out.

  85. Mark Schatzbergsays:

    Her music moves me so much, and she was just a very special person that should still be in our midst, creating new music and making the world better.

  86. Terry Smithsays:

    I miss her so much and often. We where close friends before I moved 12,000. miles away to Sydney bay. It's so moving to see all the love still out there for Kirsty. Love your work. I returned to London in May last year and went to the bench, I was moved muchly. Take care all.

  87. Jamessays:

    RIP Kirsty. "I knew that very soon I'd see you" -Days. A true musical icon...

  88. Jamessays:

    RIP Kirsty. "I knew that very soon I'd see you" -Days. A true musical icon.

  89. Michael Glackin, USAsays:

    I want to thank you for having the documentary linked to this website. Kristy's music was and still is a very positive part of my life. I am 46 years old.

  90. Gina Lambertsays:

    Kirsty was a goddess. Strong, feminine, powerful and screamingly beautiful. Her prowess with music and poetry is rivalled by nobody. The humour that she injected into her music was a superb counterpoint to the bare honesty and even deep sadnesses of which she was master purveyor. She can never be compared to any other; she was unique, unmatched and wholly delightful. She will never be forgotten. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her or hum one of her tunes to myself.


    I still miss her so

  92. Jonathan Neillsays:

    Hi there my name's Jonathan Neill like Kirsty herself or on her father's side I'm Scottish. Miss MacColl was an artist I grew up listening too And as someone who is mad about Christmas Her song with the pogues faritale in New York is one of my all time favs. Like many the fact that she died saving her son makes Miss MacColl a true hero and true loving mother. There will be justice one day because if the laws of men don't work the justice of the universe will ALL LOVE TO KIRSTY.

  93. Paulsays:

    Should have been celebrating your 60th today. Kirsty I always loved your music and your passion for life, never met you but you are so sorely missed, tragic that you never got justice. xxx

  94. Brian Phillip Marcussays:

    She touched my soul with her songs.

  95. Alansays:

    How Lawyers and the entire Legal system can sleep night's is Beyond Me...Kirsty a lovely Lady with young family at the top of her game in the Music industry with everything to live for. Taken from the world by some Rich *bleep* Who basically just threw he spare change at it and swept it under the carpet .... Sorry 19 years may have past but that still sickens me and makes a mockery of ALL laws in my view hence yes I'm still angry inside about it and Fuming inside Knowing the fact if the rolls were reversed and Rich *bleeps* daughter had been killed By Kirsty's Boat a entirely Different verdict would have been passed .... Kirsty's Music back then and still today is a large part of my life's soundtrack and yes i guess in away i love her for that. I miss you Angel

  96. Waynesays:

    I got into Kirsty MaColl via Tracey Ullman singing "They Don't Know". The love affair has never ended. Kirsty was unique - an intelligent, witty songwriter with a distinctive voice and a catalogue of brilliant songs. It still upsets me when I read about how she died, and that she died at all. I believe in karma and I truly hope everyone aboard the Percalito gets what they deserve. Love and peace to Kirsty's sons, Jamie and Louis, and to Kirsty's brave mother, Jean. And Kirsty, wherever you are, god bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great songs - which I still listen to.

  97. Paulsays:

    Like Richards post, I didn’t know who was singing but liked the song ‘New England’ playing on the radio. My better half told me the story and I looked online. Such a tragedy, not just the loss of a mother so young but the apparent cover up. I hope Kirsty’s sons have grown into fine young men and I am sure all the family are proud of them. Rest in peace Kirsty...

  98. Gerhardsays:


  99. Richard Murphysays:

    Listening to the radio on the way to work and Kirsty’s ‘New England’ came on - my wife commented that she had not heard the song in ages and I said ‘yes, it’s a Kirsty MacColl song’. My wife replied ‘oh I haven’t heard about her in a long time’ - I replied that she had died quite a few years back tragically (but I didn’t know the exact circumstances - I thought a car accident). My wife did not even know. I decided to look up online and was horrified when I read the details. What an absolute tragedy and horrendous cover up by the corrupt Mexican authorities! RIP Kirsty - a beautiful lady and brilliant singer.

  100. Andrewsays:

    It’s the oddest thing but I only ever listened to classical music in my youth and discovered Kirsty quite by accident when her albums were played endlessly (in a nice way) by my partner at the time. My goodness, what an effect her music had on me. She was born a few days after me in 1959 and I think how terribly unfair it is she is not alive today. She will always be remembered by me and, I’m sure, by countless others for the wonderful musician and human being that she was.

  101. F.Stein.says:

    Just remembering Kirsty today,the birthday of Shane McGowan and seven days after her anniversary. Never forgotten.

  102. DJCsays:

    What a thoughtful and meaningful response, thank you.

  103. Donna Crooksays:

    The same as the individual who commented below, I too have just watched the tv documentary about the making of ‘Fairtyale of New York’. This is the ONLY Christmas ‘pop’ song I like and in fact love. It really moves something inside of me when I listen to it, reminding me of Christmas’ at home with my long deceased parents and 3 siblings (one also deceased) when I was a child The song is a reminder of the reality that Christmas is frequently not the fantasy played out on tv; the perfect, large family gathering around a huge decorated tree in a beautiful home, stuffed full of turkey and gifts. Christmas is for lots of people a time of sadness, loss, loneliness and real suffering. I have experienced such Christmas’ myself but this song has always made me remember that I was not alone in my ‘aloneness’, which was in a way comforting in itself. Kirstys’ voice is truly uplifting. Every year it warms my heart despite the gritty lyrics of the song itself. The mixture of Shane’s gravel tones along with Kirsty’s purer and equally very unique voice makes me think everytime I hear it that even in the face of terrible adversity there is often a silver lining if you care to look hard enough for it. Kirsty’s death was a tragedy that should never have happened. Kirsty’s beautiful family and many friends should never have suffered that, or the pain of having to fight for justice for Kirsty. In a ‘just’ world justice would be a given and the very least they could expect. I send my love and prayers to Kirsty, that you may rest in eternal peace, to her mother, two sons, the rest of her family, and to James. God bless. Xx

  104. JJsays:

    I just watched a documentary on the making of Fairy tale of new York, my favourite Xmas song ever. Such a tragic end for a talented and beautiful lady, very upsetting to her how she died, her poor children and family. R.I.P Kirsty x

  105. Lilly vasilsays:

    I wish the best for your mum , I can’t even imagine the pain. U are an inspiration, raw talent.thank you. Your fellow musician

  106. Paul Fidlersays:

    Dear Kirsty, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. For the past 27 years “Walking down Maddison” has been the last song I listen to after a night out or with friends. Electric Landlady is one of my all time favorite Albums. Fairytale of New York just played on my Spotify Xmas list and I felt I needed to tell how much Joy your music has brought to my life. You died a Hero and deserved justice. Hope your family is aware of how many live you continue to touch with your music. . “ Fron the sharks in the penthouse, to rats in the’s not that far.❤️

  107. says:

    One life. Live it. She did. We should too.

  108. Lara M Yulesays:

    Just listening to 'Fairytale of New York' as Xmas thinking about Kirsty MacColl, as I have done every Xmas for the past 17 years, since that awful, tragic accident. This song is a btiful reminder of Kirsty and a legacy that ensures she will never, ever be forgotten.❤?❤

  109. Jonathan Haydocksays:

    Thoughts with Kirsty's family and friends today

  110. Julie Lovesays:

    Thinking of Kirsty’s family today as her anniversary approaches. So sad that justice was not served. My son also died whilst on holiday abroad in 2009 and I’ve fought for years for more support for families in Scotland and the UK when a loved one dies abroad. Ironically my sons birthday is 18th Dec which is the day Kirsty was tragically killed. ?❤️

  111. Tanya Mcneilsays:

    I so agree with your comment. There is so much more that can be done Every Christmas I think of her.

  112. Lilysays:

    dad preciously worked with kirsty, an amazing woman. The rich and powerful should not be allowed to get away with such awful thing.

  113. Terrysays:

    Thank you Kirsty, you still bring joy to the world after all these years. You will never be forgotten. Much love from Dublin, Ireland.

  114. rksays:

    I will continue to marvel at the very special talent of Kirsty MacColl for all of my days. I am ever thankful for the time she had to create her btiful, affecting music, which I'happy to say brightens many of my days. So sorry for the Family's loss. Much Love from New Mexico.

  115. ANTONY BONDsays:

    Remembering Kirsty on what would have been her birthday. Her music is still in my heart

  116. Collinsays:

    Btiful voice. Arizona is listening tonight.

  117. Julessays:

    Just heard "In These Shoes" totally out of the blue - still makes me gh. Missing you

  118. Bartholomew Henrysays:

    I'in Cozumel right now staying with friends who live here who are scuba instructors. My friend Julie here lost her son, Jacob and sometimes her loss overwhelms her and I always put on Alegria and say we need to go to the water to feel better. Kirsty's music has been a part of my life for over 25 years. One night I had the chance to meet her but I stayed home bese I was shy. I regret that. She sent with a friend a message on a picture of her "Dear Bart, sorry you couldn't make it tonight, see you another time, Love, Kirsty", something like that. I thought, "oh don't fret, you'll meet her". But I never did. But I have a feeling I know her on the other side! Actually, I'sure. :)

  119. Steve Knightsays:

    I have just read the book written by Kirsty's mother 'Sun On The Water'. A book that I could not put down and as you read it cover to cover you can certainly tell how much Kirsty was loved by her family,friends and her fans. It really made me feel emotional just reading,and has made an impact how much Jean and her family/friends have tried to get Justice done. May I through these pages encourage you all to persevere and hope one day this case is resolved. Thanks you for sharing your outpouring love and dedication,in memory of your btiful ghter. Thank you.

  120. tracey smithsays:

    Just been reading the book sun on the water written by Kristy's mother. (the brilliant life and tragic death of Kirsty Macoll). What a brilliant person she was and she had a btiful voice (like an angel). Just such a waste to lose somebody in such a tragic accident. And can not believe that no body was blamed for sing her death when she was happily diving with her two young boy's. She will never be forgotten and she would have been very proud of her boy's Xx

  121. Tomas Dahlinsays:

    favourite artist! I mourne her tragic death every time at this time of the year. All Love to her and her family from us in Sweden! ❤️

  122. Tomas Dahlinsays:

    Well spoken!

  123. Tomas Dahlinsays:

    Well spoken!

  124. Georgeysays:

    We have listened to Fairy tale of New York every Xmas in the salon and every year when it's on so many times for all the clients, I remind them about Justice for Kirsty So many people think she was killed by a jet ski??? I then tell them the real story that the guy who was driving the speed boat is still walking free Amazing voice and an amazing lady and she will never be forgottenI hope one day you all have the justice Kirsty deserves. Xxx

  125. Carolesays:

    Every time fairytale of new york comes on, it reminds us of what a great voice we have lost can't believe it's 16years already, rest in peace kinsey, we miss you xx

  126. Samsays:

    I would also like to see it. Please let us know if you have any information on where it can be viewed. Many thanks

  127. chrissays:

    rry Xmas btiful..wherever you are ..we only met once but you'll always have a place in my heart

  128. SBsays:

    Remembering Kirsty today. Watched A New England on YouTube with my children, and thought again what a marvellously warm and wonderful singer (and woman) she was. RIP Kirsty.

  129. lsays:

    Hope justice will happen for Kirsty.

  130. Adam Johnsays:

    Fairytale of New York has always been my favourite Christmas song of all time, a couple of years ago I started reading about the song and the artists. Me, only being 11 at the time, wasn't around when it first came out but I wanted to find out more. I came across Kirsty and her tragic death. However I didn't go into great detail finding out more, now i'16 and Fairytale of New York came on my Christmas playlist and this year I went into more detail. The anger I have towards the attitude of the Mexicans is so surreal, it makes my blood boil. They brushed it off as if nothing happened. I understand there's not much more that can be done now, but I just wanted to say that Kirsty was a fantastic artist, and whoever the excuse for a human being was in control of the boat will get what they deserve one day.

  131. HN Andersonsays:

    I confess I don't know much of Kristy's work, but every year at Christmas time I hear one of my favorite songs, the Pogue's "Fairytale of NY". This year I read some articles about the song which led me to investigate those voices behind it. Sadly, I came upon the story of Kristy's untimely death. We can all agree it was shocking and horrific. My "mother's heart" feels for you, Jean. I pray for your peace. Those who have wronged your family will have to answer to a higher power eventually, and their money and power cannot escape that.

  132. Vanessa Bainsays:

    Kirsty was a very talented artist who was also a mum and what happened to her was very sad I hope you have found some peace in your life you did a great thing for her and her children with this campaign. Love to you xxx

  133. Tom Bowdensays:

    God bless you Kirsty.

  134. Keith Berrysays:

    Is there anywhere to watch or buy the documentary? BBC says it's not on their website any longer.

  135. chael Jacobsays:

    Kirsty was such a great loss

  136. suzysunshine7says:

    I'll never forget hearing the news of Kirsty's death. It was such a chaotic Christmastime and so the only time I had free was by staying up all one night to make a last minute Christmas Cake and several batches of Mince Pies amongst lots of other things for the Freezer. I just had a really great baking session listening to Christmas Carols and songs including Fairytale of New York before I switched on Radio Four. Suddenly on the BBC News came the terrible announcement. I just slumped to the floor in shock and tears unable to quite take it in? Very few people in the public eye have ever sed such a sorrowful reaction as that in me, yet Kirsty did that night. It was a tragic and cruel death for such a lovely lady with a truly wonderful voice and fantastic sense of humour. I wish her family all she would wish them herself x RIP x

  137. Christopher Moransays:

    I'd like to come to the annual celebration of Kirsty's birthday this year. I was involved in the justice for Kirsty campaign which sadly we never got. Can you tell me the arrangements for this year. I'd love to be there and celebrate the life of this talented loved woman. Christopher Moran

  138. Bruce Gustafsonsays:

    Kirsty had one of the most angelic and btiful voices that I have ever heard, or will ever hear. My prayers.

  139. carmelsays:

    Will always remember you Kirsty btiful talented angel.

  140. louise carvillesays:

    I am so sad Kirsty is gone. She is so much part of us especially at this time if year. I think the world knows an injustice was done

  141. Kevin lfieldsays:

    Find a way x kevin

  142. Kevin Mleysays:

    How weak I seem in reciting , hopefully to Kirstys friends and family, more pointedly to Kirsty who is amusts us, Thank you Kirsty Maccoll for the days, for your words, delivery, spirit and SOUL, we do miss you, you got it Bang on, words, sentiment, delivery and sentiment. From the pent house to the pavement, M's Ottis to Fairy Tale, thank you, thank you, thank you xXx

  143. Schsays:

    Every year, at christmas time, I am reminded of the injustice done to you and your family. It saddens me that those guilty of your death have still not been held to account - and even more that the country I live in is increasingly turning into a place, like Mexico, where justice can be bought and sold by the wealthy. Have all our struggles been in vain? I can only hope that the younger generations will recognise the value of the rule of law, justice, democracy, and freedom of speech, before these sacred principles are lost to us all. Rest in peace, dear Kirsty.

  144. jacqui lovellsays:

    Thinking of you Kirsty on this day of the anniversary of your death. You gave so much joy to people in your short life, God bless to you and your family xxx

  145. tthias Ruhlmannsays:

    I hope justice will be done for Kirsty and for her family's peace, I always think of her and even more around christmas. Sending love to you. She'll never be forgotten. xxx

  146. Graham Whitingsays:

    Let's honour her today, in every Chip Shop in New England; and, again, when the bells are ringing out for Christmas Day. Thank you for the days, those endless days, those sacred days … one day, you’ll be waiting there.

  147. Andrewssays:

    15 years. Always remembered. Unique talent and human being x #justiceforkirsty

  148. Johnsays:

    Kristy was a marvelous talent. She was taken way to soon. But the love she left behind touches people even time her voice cones out of a,set of speakers or a radio.

  149. lo de Sousa Pintosays:

    They have been playing Fairytale of New York constantly these days. Through it, I learned about Kirsty, and it saddens me deeply to hear of the tragic event that took her so violently and much too early from this world. Your music and personality will keep on opening peoples hearts and inspiring them - for times to come Rip

  150. david manbysays:

    Keep Kirstys mememory alive

  151. Bill Normansays:

    Sorry my earlier comment got scrambled somehow John Lennon's death was a worldwide grief for the loss of a hero. To me Kirsty's passing felt like losing a friend or family member. Obviously its 15 years on Friday and Fairytale will once again be a hit . But lets remember the best LP of the entire 80s Kite and its glorious follow ups sand say to her family that she will NEVER be forgotten

  152. Bill Normansays:

    John Lennon's death was a worldwide grief. Kirsty's was for the loss of a hero Kirsty's felt like losing a friend or family member. Obviously its 15 years on Friday and Fairytale will once again be a hit . But lets remember the best LP of the entire 80s Kite and its glorious follow ups sand say to her family that she will NEVER be forgotten

  153. Karen Whitesays:

    Hi there, I'trying to contact a member of Kirsty's "immediate" family (ideally Louis, but the email address I have for him is no longer valid). Are you able to let me have an email address for Louis, or Jamie, or Jean? Alternatively, if I send a detailed message through this medium will you pass it on for me? Thanks in anticipation!

  154. rk Lynchsays:

    I never forgot the shock and sadness I felt when I heard the news of the death of such a talented and btiful singer. I will always remember the song "new England " as being one of those songs which transport me instantly back to a significant time in my youth. Kirsty was one of the best, and I will never forget her. I never had the honour of meeting her, but I will always remember her. I hope her killers are brought to justice. God bless you, Kirsty

  155. Alainsays:

    I miss you, Kirsty. I'glad to learn that a fight for justice was put up on your behalf.

  156. rgaretsays:

    Just shed a tear whilst listening to Kirsty on the music channel always think about Kirsty and her family especially at this time of year and the total injustice. Xxxxxx

  157. l Turnersays:

    A sad day on what would have been Kirsty's 56th birthday. Gone, but never to be forgotten. Thank you for the wonderful musical legacy you left us.

  158. Samuel Rummersays:

    You will never know how much loss and sadness is left in the loss of Kirsty! Rest In Peace Btiful Lady!

  159. Werner Hörasays:

    Dear Ms. MacColl, my name is Werner Höra. I am from Germany and I play guitar and sing to it. I write to you not in case of Kirsty but in case of the song "dirty old town" from her father. I have written a German text to the melody of "dirty old town". It`s about the town I live in, called Biberach in the south of Germany. I want to ask you now, whether I can make a CD with this song and make it public. I wish you still a nice week and I am looking forward to hear from you. Kind regards, Werner Höra

  160. JOHN TIERNEYsays:

    re and more corruptionkeep up the struggle if you canbest wishes, john tierney and a 'fan'

  161. Robert from OZsays:

    RIP Kirsty.

  162. Robert aaxbysays:

    All the way down under Instralia we loved Kirsty and her music We will always remember her and will always play her music RIP. Kirsty WE LOVE YOU

  163. Juliesays:

    I will never forget. Missing you, Ms MacColl.

  164. C Evanssays:

    I've just been telling my son all about Kirsty and playing her music. He loves it. I'sorry he's too young to have seen her but glad there is so much on the internet to show him.

  165. Sophie Wildesays:

    I was just watching an old edition of Top Of The Pops from was 'Jonah Louis..Only Find me in the Kitchen at parties ' and I spotted the lovely Kirsty as a backing singer..What a gorgeous woman she was,a real strength about her that is not seen these days "pop" stars..Kirsty symbolises the female strength too that really politically inspired me in my teenage years,I'just about to turn 48 next month and hopefully have tried to stay as true to myself as I can be.I feel we've gone backwards since the 1980's ,just glad we had musicians like Kirsty and her dad Ewan to lend weight to good political ses.So sad that she's been gone so many years,I can't believe how long it's been.Love to KM's mum and in peace.never forgotten. ,love Sophie (Brighton UK)

  166. Sophie Wildesays:

    I was just watching an old edition of Top Of The Pops from was 'Jonah Louis..Only Find me in the Kitchen at parties ' and I spotted the lovely Kirsty as a backing singer..What a gorgeous woman she was,a real strength about her that is not seen these days "pop" stars..Kirsty symbolises the female strength too that really politically inspired me in my teenage years,I'just about to turn 48 next month and hopefully have tried to stay as true to myself as I can be.I feel we've gone backwards since the 1980's ,just glad we had musicians like Kirsty and her dad Ewan to lend weight to good political ses.So sad that she's been gone so many years,I can't believe how long it's been.Love to KM's mum and in peace.never forgotten. ,love Sophie (Brighton UK)

  167. Tony Batleysays:

    Just come back from London today (27th April 2015) after seeing a fantastic Elvis exhibition at the O2. My partner's a big Kirsty fan and I took her photo sat on the bench in Soho Square. She was ecstatic! I later heard the actual song and it moved me to tears. RIP, you left far sooner than you should have, sing with the angels now.

  168. Kirstysays:

    Your ghter was an astonishing musician, she keeps me company on my ipod almost daily. She lives on through her wonderful songs and brilliant lyrics - I've been listening to her for as along as I can remember and always will. Kirsty Maccollyou are a constant for us all. Sleep wellxx

  169. Ian J Halesowensays:

    The voice of an angel, you must have been so proud. So glad I had Kirsty in my life.

  170. ir South Wale ssays:

    Just heard a record played on the radio by Kirsty! Wonderful! Such a loss to everyone! Xx

  171. James K Hsays:

    Thank you for the days you gave us Kirsty

  172. r Heifnersays:

    Simply put, I adored Kirsty. I am terribly sorry for her family and for the world, for losing such a bright light way too soon.

  173. nicasays:

    I am a die hard Kirsty fan and I always will be. I think she is a true legend who will always be remembered for her kindness and wonderful voice. Such talent. I love all of her songs and albums. My favourites have to be Victims , Celestine and I can't continue to list them as there are loads I love! She was taken to soon. She will always be remembered and as a fan I will keep her alive in my heart. A legend was taken from us too soon. I hope that all of us Kirsty fans will stand together in hope and success of finding justice for Kirsty and that we make sure that the man who killed her will never forget what he did. Kirsty Anna MacColl I love you then as I love you still. Forever in our hearts. God bless and sleep well. xxxxxxxxxxx

  174. Davidsays:

    I had 'Tropical Brainstorm' on in my car yesterday, an album thought I'd bought back in 2000. I also remember seeing her with Billy Bragg in Neath in 1994, supporting the Tower Colliery miners. The nature of Kirsty's death still saddens me. We lost such a great talent and an all-round lovely person. But I will never tire of listening to her music for as long as I live.

  175. fransays:

    Her voice and songs will long be remembered but the man that killed her will not you live on kirsty

  176. Bevsays:

    kite will always be one of the best albums of all time .She was taken too soon. X

  177. Jayne Robertssays:

    Sat on a beach in Cozumel and listened to Kirsty sing 'the fairy tale of New York' on 23 December 2014. Her music lives on and for that we must be grateful. I continued to listen to her album and thought what an extraordinary talent. Her music gives me so much pleasure every time I listen to her. Love and thoughts to all her family.

  178. Neale Reynoldssays:

    Big fan of Kirsty's since picking up the pic disc single of "They Don't Know". It's hard to believe how much time has elapsed now, still think about her pretty much every day, and her songs are standing the test of time magnificently! Cheers, and have a fabulous 2015 when it comes.

  179. Glennsays:

    There is a reason God limits our days. To make each one precious. With endless time, nothing is special. With no loss or sacrifice, we can't appreciate what we have. We now appreciate how special Kirsty was. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. The rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you Kirsty in the palm of his hand ..

  180. ss jane lathamsays:

    Amazing and so talented , with much love, j latham xxxxx

  181. ss jane lathamsays:

    Such a wonderful lady , listening to her xmas song brings me to tears goodnight and godbless btiful lady and very talented xxx

  182. lanie, David & Lydia from Cardiffsays:

    I bought my husband another CD from Kirsty for Christmas. We listened to her while opening the presents yesterday. No doubt she will end up singing to David in the car when he returns to work in 2015. Kirsty's spirit certainly lives on with us here. Thank you Kirsty for being a part of our life. If only we could turn back time… xx sending much love to family, friends and forever fans of Kirsty xx

  183. Leesays:

    New England , and fairy tail in New York , will stay with me forever, and when I here or play the song the only thing I think of is Kirsty , I did not know you but wish I had met you, Lee x

  184. Carla Cavanaghsays:

    Truth and justice exist in all our hearts. It is a worthy and often heart rendering task to fight for public recognition of these! I hope that the guilty parties can't sleep knowing they took the life of a btiful woman, then covered it up. Kirsty's truth is known by those who knew and loved her. Her voice is loved the world over and the tragic story of her death saving her son and the injustices that followed, will be told time and time again. There is no justice that would fit what her family have suffered, but I hope the truth is circulated, and the love and support of every right minded person is felt by the family! xx

  185. Alan MacKaysays:

    Having just watched the wonderful "Fairytale of New York", my thoughts turned to Kirsty and her tragic death. Her loss to the world of music as a talented singer-songwriter must be as nothing compared to her loss as a ghter. Mexican justice is so easily bought but if karma really exists then the scales will eventually balance for Kirsty.

  186. ll Rainesays:

    Dear Jean and all your family my heart again goes out to you all at this time of the year. I just wish you could have got justice for dear Kirsty her memory will always live on God Bless you all kindest regards MELL x

  187. Frances Spicersays:

    How terribly sad, so young, such a fantastic distinctive voice. How typical of a rich men's "justice". As a mother I lnow we never ever get over our loss. My heart goes out to her and all Kirsty's family.