Backing Vocals 1980 (Jona Lewie, Squire)

Jona Lewie

Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

This 1980 single, ‘(You’ll always find me in the) Kitchen At Parties’ appears on the reissued version of the 1978 album ‘On the other hand there’s a fist’; Kirsty also appears on the track ‘A Bit Higher’.

TOTP appearance features Kirsty and Debi Doss. Note that according to both Jona and Debi Doss, Kirsty’s vocal was not used on the actual single.


A 1980 single, ‘My mind goes round in circles’ b/w ‘Does Stephanie know?, and reissued on the 1985 compilation ‘The Singles album and 1992 compilation ‘Big Smashes’. Kirsty is credited on the back – “Harmony Vocals (Courtesy Of Herself)”. Source – JE.