Chip Shop performances

Here are some videos with Kirsty singing ‘Chip Shop’ on a multitude of shows. This will take a while to load, please be patient.

June 25, 1981. Kirsty appeared on the classic UK pop hits show Top of the Pops performing Chip Shop. This show was presented by Simon Bates.

Kirsty MacColl on Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz, June 1981. Early performance of ‘There’s A Guy Works Down The Chipshop’ on Razzmatazz TV show. Backing Kirsty up are Lu Edmonds (guitar), Gavin Povey (piano) – both these guys were on the record – Brian Nevill (drums) and Alan Lee Shaw (bass).

Kirsty MacColl - There's A Guy Works Down The Chipshop Swears He's Elvis 1981

July 9, 1981. A second Top of the Pops outing for Chip Shop, this show presented by Jimmy *******, Alan Freeman and Pete Murray.

Another Top of the Pops appearance

Kirsty MacColl - There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop - TOTP 1981

The annual Christmas version of the chart show featured Chip Shop in all its splendour – its third appearance on the show that year!

Kirsty MacColl - There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis 1981

An appearance on the DISCO TV show.

Kirsty MacColl - Theres A Guy (W.D.T.C.S.S.H.E.)

This is a clip from VH-1