This is an index page for songs recorded or sung by Kirsty MacColl. It is organised by writer, so picking Johnny Marr, for example, will produce a list of all the songs which he wrote or co-wrote with Kirsty.

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  1. Hello; a few years ago I wrote some lyrics as a tribute to Kirsty but due to my very limited musicianship I have never been able to write music to go with them. In my head Soho Square and Still Life were kind of the direction I wanted but never got there. Anyway I would like to upload them and perhaps one of Kirsty’s musician friends can do something with them. Were anything to come of it I want no reward and any monies could be put to one of Kirsty’s charities. I think they are good lyrics (but then I would) and deserve to have a life. Please point me in the right direction. – Mike R