Written by Kirsty MacColl and David Ruffy
Kirsty MacColl Alegria


I close my eyes, another dream arrives
Deeper and deeper into the sweet water
Filling my senses with happiness and joy
El Alma es Suyo
Happiness and joy
Happiness and joy

* Thanks to noodle – though this is probably known to everyone, the word Alegría means ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’. The line, ‘El alma es suyo.’ is a little difficult in context to translate precisely. It could mean ‘The soul is yours’ but Kirsty would have used ‘tuyo’ IMHO – or, it could mean ‘My (or ‘The’) soul belongs to it’ … which in Spanish makes a lot more sense if she is talking about the water, or the sea? So more smoothly, if generously translated to ‘My soul belongs to the water’ but would be taking a risk with that one.

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