We’ll Never Pass This Way Again

Written by Kirsty MacColl


Chords for We’ll Never Pass This Way Again, transcribed by John Meranda.


While the firelight is low
I’m disappearing
Like the last of the snow
And really it’s better this way
We both know it’s over
And we’ll never pass this way again

Sunshine and the desert call to me
And you know moonshine
Makes you so blind you can’t see at all
But whatever you feel
It may not be real
And baby we’ll never pass this way again

I’m not the only love you’ll ever know
Look to the stars above and wish it so
Let me go

If I stay too long you’ll tire of me
‘Cause darling that’s the way we are designed to be
So hard as it is to say
We had our night and we had our day
We’ll never pass this way again<

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