1989-90 The age of the Kite

releasedFebruary 1989
‘Free World’ single released on Virgin.

releasedApril 1989
‘Kite’ album released on Virgin.

releasedJune 1989
‘Days’ single released on Virgin.

Kirsty did assorted TV spots to promote Days, including the Terry Wogan show.

READING Festival

August 26, 1989, presumably with the Pogues. To be fair, until the arrival of ‘Kite’ in 1989 she had no significant body of new material, and by then was busy being mother, so ‘Kite’ remained a vinyl only pleasure. The Pogues slots certainly gave Kirsty a lot more confidence in touring, which she would do from 1991 onwards, airing the ‘Kite’ songs alongside their new ‘Electric Landlady ’companions.

releasedSeptember 1989
‘Innocence’ single released on Virgin.

BBC Radio 1, Nicky Campbell Show

November 8, 1989. ‘Don’t come the cowboy with me, Sonny Jim!’, ‘What do pretty girls do?’, ‘Don’t run away from me now’, ‘Still life’.

Pete Thomas (drums), Phil Rambow (ac. guitar), Martin Belmont (el. guitar), Pete Glenister (el. guitar), Bobby Valentino (violin), Gavin Povey (piano), Paul Riley (bass). Later released on ‘What do pretty girls do?’

Top of the Pops

November 23, 1989. Another TV slot, this time as backing singer with Happy Mondays when they performed ‘Hallelujah’. Jakki Brambles and Jenny Powell presenting.

releasedMarch 1990
‘Don’t Come the Cowboy with Me, Sonny Jim!’ single released on Virgin.

Interview in New York

Kirsty being interviewed by John Giotto in November 1990
Kirsty being interviewed by John Giotto in November 1990

November 2, 1990. Kirsty was interviewed at the Charisma offices by John Giotto, and you can listen to it here.

The photos were taken by Kerry Cort.

releasedNovember 1990
‘Miss Otis Regrets’ single with the Pogues released on Virgin.

DUBLIN Olympia Theatre

December 9, 1990 ? – Unconfirmed but possible since she appeared at the other 3 legs of this mini tour by the Pogues. Then again they were closer to home.

LONDON Camden Electric Ballroom

December 10, 1990

Pogues ticket from December 1990
Pogues ticket from December 1990


December 14, 1990. Kirsty sang ‘Don’t Come the Coqboy with me, Sonny Jim!’ on the show.

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