Tributes & Obituaries

Omar Puente performs his tribute to his friend Kirsty MacColl at the Miramar Theatre in Havana:

Omar's Tribute.wmv

We also have a compendium of Kirsty MacColl Tributes and Obituaries from 2000, and some comments from some of her friends:

Phill Jupitus: Kirsty was a wonderful person and she never changed. She was one of those people in your life who is constant. She always welcomed new things into her life but she remained the same person underneath.

Holly Johnson: Kirsty was a very good friend and it was an honour to know her. She had a fantastic sense of humour and was always welcoming people into her home. I will always picture her laughing hysterically in her kitchen.

Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth: Kirsty was big in life and so she will continue to be thanks to what she left behind, including two fabulous sons. But she had only just hit her full stride. We’re going to miss everything: her brains, her beauty, her jolly full-throttle laughter, her songs, her special sense of humor and perspective. She was a very unusual goddess and will not be forgotten. We LOVE you forever, Kirsty! Happy Valentine’s Day in Heaven! Say a prayer for all of us who grieve for you still while you party hearty!

Jane Ashley: The first time I met Kirsty, I knew instantly that I wanted to be her friend. It was so much fun working together on my album (Jane Aire & the Belvederes), I miss her and think of her often. Not long for this world, but what a wonderful contribution she made.

Last word to Neil and Dave!

Drunk on you. Neil and Daves tribute to Kirsty Macoll