Christmas message from Jean MacColl

Happy Christmas everybody and may we all have a peaceful New Year around the world.

Since I mentioned the Mexicans being prepared to erect a memorial to Kirsty, their tourist minister gave us barely 24 hours to meet her. Louis responded asking for an alternative time as he was working. She, apparently couldn’t arrange another date whilst over here. It is possible that the holidays are delaying matters but I am awaiting a reply to my recent enquiry. Will keep you informed.

Raise a glass with me for Kirsty especially on the 18th. We continue to remain strong and throughout the world people still write to me, shocked that justice was never achieved.

I think the memorial should be a bench so that tourists visiting Cozumel will be able to remember Soho Square and there will be a link. Who knows? Maybe another birthday link.

Best wishes,
Jean MacColl.