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Kirsty back on the BBC News Site Home Page (always good to see)

According to this BBC article,

The Daily Mail suggested in 2016 that the song could “bring in as much as £400,000 a year.”

Asked in 2008 by the BBC whether the song had provided him with his pension, Finer said: “I don’t know because I’m not of pensionable age. I’ll let you know when I’ve got my bus pass.”

Not exactly topical news, but then the real topical news is too depressing :o)

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Reissues out this week!

June 15th sees the release of three new Kirsty reissues.  The hardback book style CD/DVD compilation includes the original Kite and Electric Landlady albums plus all the B-sides and remixes which were recorded at the same time, including all the promo videos.  Read the freeworld review.

The two albums themselves are also issued on coloured 180g vinyl, and sound great.    Read the freeworld review of Kite.  Electric Landlady is on pink vinyl!  Here’s the freeworld review of that one.

If you fancy them, you might buy them from Amazon using our links.  It costs you nothing extra, but we receive a small “signing bonus”!

Esa Línea de Bajo Sal Cuevas

One of the stars of Tropical Brainstorm, Sal Cuevas, died a year ago in Miami.  For many years part of the legendary Fania All-Stars, he added impossible bass imbellishments to Kirsty’s Latin ride.

Impossible no more?  Andrew Nelson has recently finished a transcription of the original album version’s bass break in My Affair – a bass tapping solo by Sal at 3:30 in the track.   Andrew’s transcription and performance of it can be found here:

New compilation out in June

This attractive looking new collection, titled “Days (1989 – 1991)”, is listed on (ASIN B07BZBCX4X) for release on 15 June 2018 on Edsel Records.

There is no previously unavailable material, but it is a well packaged collection of all the Kite and Electric Landlady era material, including the videos from the Croydon to Cuba DVD.

Buy Days (1988 – 1991) from Amazon.