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Justice for Kirsty Campaign (2002-2009)

Update from Havana

Concert in Havana

Jean attended the gala concert at the Miramar Theatre in Havana, Cuba just before Easter. She says the theater is beautiful, with great sound and ambience. The concert went well and featured many Cuban students and children playing and dancing to a really high standard. The orchestra played some of Kirsty’s songs and Omar Puente played his specially composed piece for Kirsty to much acclaim.

Unfortunately Jean has not been well since her return to England but promises to have a full report from the trip soon.

Here are some video clips shot by Hamish MacColl in the Music School and Circus School in Havana. They do not feature the Miramar Theatre, though they do showcase the young people who will be using it.

Havana National Music School:

Classical piece.wmv

Havana National School of Dance:

Trad Performance.wmv

Havana National Circus School:

Circus perf 01.wmv

Circus perf 02.wmv

Circus perf 03.wmv

Cuba cars 2012.wmv

A Concert in Havana

Dear Friends,

As Chairwoman of he Music Fund for Cuba I attended a recent meeting of the trustees. Rob Miller, Director of Cuban Solidarity had exciting news for us. The money raised at Kirsty’s concert in Shepherd&rquo;s Bush last year has enabled the delapidated theatre, The Miromar, to be completely restored. He is coming to our next reynion in October to thank you all and tell you more about it. The actor, Andy de la Torre, a new trustee and a friend of Kirsty’s, also hopes to join us. Both are going to Havana in November to chgeck the completion and if it is final, there will be a celebration next Spring in the theatre, a mixture of British and Cuban artistes.

Billy Bragg hopes to go if dates are right. The auditorium will have ‘Kirsty MacColl’ across the front of it. We have no definite dates yet but it could be the end of April or in March. Rest assured you will be the first to know. My family hope to go. I think Kirsty would be very shy but so proud of your endeavours in defeating this ridiculous embargo.

Jean MacColl