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This is an independently run site with no direct source of income. You can also help me out by buying anything from amazon via these links.

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This is an index page of CDs which can currently be bought at, including links which benefit freeworld by earning a small commission. Thank you to anyone who buys a CD in this fashion!

If in the UK please use this link:

or if not in the UK:

and freeworld gets a small commission each time. Best of all, it costs you nothing extra!

I try to keep advertising to a bare minimum, and as unubtrusive as possible. Everything is up front, no hidden tracking cookies or whatever are used by freeworld (though Amazon may well use tracking when you follow their button).

or just flip over some loose change!

If you don’t wish to buy from amazon you can still help me out by sending a donation via Paypal, all donations most welcome, no matter how small!

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