A Christmas message from Jean MacColl

Here’s wishing everybody a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Jamie and Louis will be joining Hamish at my new bungalow and we will raise a glass to you all on Christmas day.

It was great to see you all in Soho and I’m looking forward to the BBC TV programme with you all singing to John Meranda. It was nice to see Fred Shortland from the Justice for Kirsty Campaign committee, Olivia Lichtenstein who made the documentary with us in Mexico trying to get at the truth (so alien to the Mexican wealthy Gonzalez Nova and his family) and Jem Finer from The Pogues amongst other old friends. And it is fantastic to see new faces joining us each year.

The organisation was, as always, first rate and I do thank Barry’s relatives for returning me to the Victory Club where I stayed for a night.

I hope to see the two young brothers again next year and hear them joining in the singing. My dance team turned up in force with Max, one year old, actress friend Barbara Young and director Philip Hedley. Good wishes to Eunice and my grateful thanks, as always, to Alan Officer who has been a tower of strength for 14 years at least.

Love to you all,

The Story of Stiff Records

The Stiff Records Story
The Stiff Records Story

For those wishing to read all about the story of Stiff records, I can recommend the recently published book “The Stiff Records Story” by Richard Balls.

Kirsty with Nigel Dick at Stiff
Kirsty with Nigel Dick at Stiff

There are a couple of pages about Kirsty. Nigel Dick, pictured with Kirsty, contributes quite a bit to the book. Anyone with a passing interest in Stiff, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Wreckless Eric, Jona Lewie, Madness and the mid-late Seventies, early Eighties UK music scene should get the book.

Terry Hurley

Here’s a review in the Irish Times.