Boas in Barcelona

Armed with a harmonica and some feather boas, Tori Sparks, Danny the Lip, El Rubio and Javi Garcia had a blast improvising a version of the Irish punks’ infamous Christmas song at noon on a Wednesday in a private club in Barcelona.

Christmas message from Jean MacColl

Happy Christmas everybody and may we all have a peaceful New Year around the world.

Since I mentioned the Mexicans being prepared to erect a memorial to Kirsty, their tourist minister gave us barely 24 hours to meet her. Louis responded asking for an alternative time as he was working. She, apparently couldn’t arrange another date whilst over here. It is possible that the holidays are delaying matters but I am awaiting a reply to my recent enquiry. Will keep you informed.

Raise a glass with me for Kirsty especially on the 18th. We continue to remain strong and throughout the world people still write to me, shocked that justice was never achieved.

I think the memorial should be a bench so that tourists visiting Cozumel will be able to remember Soho Square and there will be a link. Who knows? Maybe another birthday link.

Best wishes,
Jean MacColl.

Winter Wonderland

Because you won’t be able to avoid it 🙂 Here are Kirsty and the gang. Chart freaks, Fairytale of New York started its annual journey at No. 58 and now sits happily at 20.

Expect the usual collection of good, middling and no doubt bizarre cover versions in the weeks to come!

New Kirsty photo from 1980

1980 Group Shot

Lovely personal photo from Sonnie Rae who has kindly allowed me to share this. Pictured are Jona Lewie, Bob Andrews, Bobby Irwin and Kirsty, Photo believed to have been taken in Bristol 1980 on the way to do a promo for Jona’s “Kitchen At Parties”. – Terry Hurley

Kirstfest ’15 has been taking place today in central London, and already glowing reports coming in on facebook, twitter etc of how much fun has been had. Expect the next instalment on Sunday 9th October, 2016!

Kirstyfest ’15

If you have not yet done so, make your plans today to meet with Kirsty’s family and friends in Soho on Sunday 11th October 2015. As usual, everyone will gather at Kirsty’s Bench in Soho Square, in central London, at 12 noon.

Facebook event page – or check the other social media links on this page.

Expect the usual fun and laughter (and a lot of drinking!), meet old friends and make new ones at Kirstyfest ’15! If you can’t get to the Square meetup, catch up in the Phoenix Artists Club nearby.

If anyone would like to compile a Kirsty Quiz or some other fun event, please let us know (even better, post on the Facebook event page!)

Elvis lands in Edinburgh

Jennifer Selway’s play ‘There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’ is currently running at St. Stephens Church, on the north side of Edinburgh city centre (between Stockbridge and Canonmills).

The good news for Kirsty fans is that yes, amongst other musical highlights you will get ‘Chip Shop’, and it is sung well indeed. If you happen to be in Edinburgh for its festival in August you should not leave disappointed by this show from Momentum Theatre.

An early review offers some encouragement, see More importantly, both Mr. Rambow and Mr. Freeworld are happy to recommend the show!

Details here