The Story of Stiff Records

The Stiff Records Story
The Stiff Records Story

For those wishing to read all about the story of Stiff records, I can recommend the recently published book “The Stiff Records Story” by Richard Balls.

Kirsty with Nigel Dick at Stiff
Kirsty with Nigel Dick at Stiff

There are a couple of pages about Kirsty. Nigel Dick, pictured with Kirsty, contributes quite a bit to the book. Anyone with a passing interest in Stiff, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Wreckless Eric, Jona Lewie, Madness and the mid-late Seventies, early Eighties UK music scene should get the book.

Terry Hurley

Here’s a review in the Irish Times.

She’s Sure Fine Looking, Man …

… she’s something else!

Still from 'Something Else' 1981
Still from ‘Something Else’ 1981

Some fabulous YouTube clips have been uploaded this week, including Kirsty’s first live outing of ‘Mambo de la Luna’ and the legendary ‘Something Else’ 1981 TV clip of ‘I Don’t Wanna Play House’, fresh from the joys of the legendary Irish road trip. Brought to you by Ruby Pepper, from the collection of Peter Checksfield.

Kirsty on 'Something Else'
Kirsty on ‘Something Else’ with Lu on guitar