Kirstyfest 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far. As most of you know, it was Kirstyfest on Sunday 9th, meeting in Soho Square at 12pm. I went with my Uncle and his girlfriend this year. My other Uncle and my Auntie came as well. I gave my first speech at the bench to everyone before we sang ‘Soho Square’ and ‘Don’t Come the Cowboy with Me Sonny Jim!’ with Paul Chinniah playing the guitar. Lee Harrison filmed the performances and uploaded them to the ‘Kirsty MacColl Fan Gang’ Facebook group.

Soho Square:

Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim!:

Afterwards, we went to the Spice of Life pub for more singing and fun. The event had less people compared to last year due to various reasons, but we still had a splendid time. I performed ‘Dancing In Limbo’, ‘The Hardest Word’, ‘They Don’t Know’ and ‘Chip Shop’ on the guitar.

Paul Chinniah performed ‘Camel Crossing’ and his own song about Kirsty before his wife Sue joined him for ‘Miss Otis Regrets’ and ‘Head’.

Singer-songwriter, Chloe Lorentzen performed ‘England 2 Columbia 0’, ‘Caroline’, her own song about Kirsty called ‘Stolen’ and ‘Titanic Days’ (which included audience participation with the ‘ahh’ bits.)


A guitarist called Dave did ‘What Do Pretty Girls Do?’ and ‘Still Life’.

Chloe came back on and performed ‘Can’t Stop Killing You’, ‘They Don’t Know’ and ‘Children of the Revolution’.

Steve Jacks put up a video consisting of extracts from all of the performances at the Spice of Life on the ‘Kirstyfest’ Facebook group.

Chris Winwood and Jess Cully created the quiz for this year. Unfortunately, neither of them could make it, so I read out the quiz to everyone. Some found it challenging, but fun. The winning team got a respectable 24 out of 40. They won the Kirstyfest cup and a signed copy of ‘My Bass And Other Animals’, a memoir by musician Guy Pratt. He played bass on ‘Days’, the single version of ‘Innocence’, ‘No Victims (Guitar Heroes Mix)’ and ‘Walking Down Madison’.

If you want your own copy, you can order the book on Amazon.

Louis was also at Kirstyfest and it was great to see him again. He said that I always make him smile and he always makes me smile as well.

I had a fabulous time and I hope to see some of you next year!

From Ruby