Kirsty Featured On The Tuner

A ‘lost’ collection of songs from the late Pogues member, Philip Chevron has been released.

Entitled, ‘The Tuner’, it was a musical Philip created with writer Declan Lynch. It told the story of Irish-American boxer, Jack Rooney. The album features collaborations from Kirsty, Sarah Jane Morris, Ronnie Drew and more.

Philip talked about the project in 2001, as part of a tribute to Kirsty for the ‘Hot Press’.

“For some time, Kirsty had been enthusiastic about a stage show myself and Declan Lynch have been writing, called Jack Rooney: In Person,” he wrote. “Last month, with characteristic generosity, she agreed to perform one of the principal roles in our recording of the score. She bestowed on the character all the wit, warmth, resilience and tenderness Declan and I had dared hope for.”

The songs Kirsty performed for the project sadly turned out to be the last recordings she did.

Although, some of the songs on the collection have been released on the hard-to-find 2008 promo compilation, ‘Say A Song – The Words And Music Of Philip Chevron Of The Pogues’.

‘The Tuner’ is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

The digital version of ‘The Tuner’ has 10 tracks, but if you buy the limited-edition CD, you get 5 bonus tracks.

Tracklisting (The songs with an asterisk feature on the CD edition only):

  1. The Likes Of Me
  2. It’s A Red-Letter Day
  3. Raising Cain
  4. She Said I Make Her Laugh
  5. Manhattan Moon (Philip Chevron version)
  6. Chasing Enchantment
  7. The Man He Turned Out To Be featuring Sarah Jane Morris
  8. The Crowbar Theme
  9. Suddenly
  10. Last Night I Dream I Am Dancing featuring Lila MacMahon
  11. Manhattan Moon featuring Kirsty*
  12. Chasing Enchantment featuring Ronnie Drew*
  13. The Great Silence featuring Ronnie Drew and Kirsty*
  14. Hostage To Time*
  15. The Garden Scene featuring Jack Rooney Cast*

From Ruby