Helhjerta fra Halvsøstra

Listen to this collection from Kirstyfest favourites Halvsøstra – packed with Kirstysongs Norwegian style.  Other streaming options are available!

According to Halvsøstra, the Norwegian translation of “NAO ESPERANDO SEU AMOR” is close to Kirsty’s touching and tender lyrics. But we have given it some Norwegian elements. We have called our version Soria Moria.

Soria Moria Castle is among the best known Norwegian folktales. The search for Soria Moria castle might be thought of as a progression, the symbol for perfect happiness. But there’s no clear path, it’s difficult to reach.

Bente in Halvsøstra is of Sami origin. The Sami people, traditionally living in the north of Norway, have their own kind of singing; joiking. Kjersti sings this song, Bente is joiking “up north”.

Here they are filmed in 2010:

Halvsøstra til Kirsty - I disse skoa - In these shoes - 23.05.10