Colorfactory in the Forest

I moved to Prague in 1992, after finishing ‘Kite’ (and many ‘b’sides and extra tracks that Kirsty loved putting on the 10″, 12″ and cd singles for her diehard record collecting fans).

I visited Kirsty a few years later and played her my Czech band Colorfactory’s version of ‘La Forêt de Mímosas’ – She frowned, saying “The vocal’s too quiet, but the cello is very nice” (she always said that she wanted the listener to understand every lyric on first listening).

It’s from our 2nd album, which was originally titled “Infinite One”, but EMI CZ said it was too confusing to have “one” in the title of a 2nd album! When they told me i laughed and said “Ok morons, we’ll call it Second Infinity”

Colin Stuart