Fairytale of New York 2013

Shane MacGowan and friends (2013)

Shane & friends in the Abbey Hotel in Donegal.

Eric Corton, Demira Jansen & Michael Prins

Iron & Wine (2013)

Electric Soft Parade (2013)

Featuring Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) and Heather Urquhart (The Maydays)

Olivia Sebastianelli (2013)

Gilded Thieves (2013)

Greenland Whalefishers (2013)

live at the Folk Veur Volk festival in Aalden in the Netherlands in the summer of 2013

Blurred Lines featuring Cathy McGovern

Meghan (2013)

Recorded at home on Washburn Cumberland acoustic guita


Weihnachtskonzert der Realtime Musikschule in der Auferstehungskirche Wolnzach

The Beef Seeds (2013)

Kerry & Mandy (2013)

Bailey McConnell (2013)

glasgow1234 (2013)

The bagpipes version :o)

Chains (2013)

Black Water County featuring Walk the Night (2013)

Phil Spokes (2013)

guitar version

James Candlin (2013)

Shane Lynch & B*witched (2013)

Bare Knucles Parade featuring Caomhe

Ed Harcourt & Martha Wainwright (2013)

McDombles (2013)

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