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Written by Kirsty

1989 single
Free World

1989 album

Thanks to Kate for helping with the translation! 

As she summarises, a married woman is having an affair because she thinks it's the right sort of dramatic thing to do - she meets her lover in the foret, but she won't leave her family. 

He can't stand the idea that someone else (her husband) is touching her because he's claimed her as his (and because he's a nutter) so he sets off to kill the husband.

When the husband doesn't appear at the right moment he kills her instead. The kids are sad because mummy's gone and nobody knows she's lying dead in the forest. Sigh.

La Fôret de Mimosas (Mimosas Forest)

Chaque journee dans la Fôret de Mimosas
Every day in the Forest of Mimosas
Dans le parking tous les amoureux
In the car park all the lovers
Ecoutez bien dans la Fôret de Mimosas
Listen closely in the Forest of Mimosas
L'air deborde de cris du couer
The air is filled with the cries of love

Elle ne pensait pas quand il se sont recontres
She never thought that when she met him
Qu'elle commencait la une danse tres dangereuse
It would be so very dangerous
Elle a cru qu'ca s'rait bon pour un couer sensible
She believed it would be good for a sensitive heart
D'avoir un reve un amour pas facile
To have a dream of secret love

Il a concocte tout seul son idee
He came up with an idea
Elle est la plus belle qui'il connait
She is the most beatiful woman he knows
Mais il redoute que des mains etrangers
But he dreads that a stranger's hands
Touchant la femme qu'il a decidee sienne
Touch the woman who he calls his own

Et chaque journee dans la Foret de Mimosas
And every day in the Forest of Mimosas
Il l'attend avec une tete explosive
He waits, his head filled with rage
Elle va bientot dans la Foret de Mimosas
She will soon go to the Forest of Mimosas
Une fete tragique attend la femme naive
A tragic fate awaits the naive woman

Elle n'adore sa famille que trop
She loves her family too much
Elle n'est pas devouee comme il voudrant
She's not as devoted as he wants
Et chaque journee dans la Foret de Mimosas
And every day in the Forest of Mimosas
Il arrive avec le coeur desepere
He comes with a despairing heart

Il a attendu son mari chez lui
He waited for her husband at home
Mais il n'est jamais revenu
But he never returned
Alors il a pris la route pour le rendez-vous
So he set off for their meeting
Il faut qu'il tue quelqu'un, il a pris sa vie
He had to kill someone, so he took her life
Dans la Fôret de Mimosas
In the Forest of Mimosas

Et les enfants demandent quand est-ce qu'elle revient
And the children ask what happened
Encore novices des films noirs et des passions d'hommes
Still innocent of "noir" and the passions of men
Maman a disparu, il ne savent pas ou
Mama disappeared, he didn't know where
Mais elle demeure maintenant dessous
But she still lives below,
Toujours, dans la Foret de Mimosas
Always, in the Forest of Mimosas
Plus d'aventure, rien n's'y passera
No more adventures, nothing more will happen
Tout est tranquille dans la Fôret de Mimosas
All is peaceful in the Forest of Mimosas
Mistral est parti mais sa vie s'arrete la
Mistral is gone but her life ended there

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