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Happily, Kirsty's early singles were issued at the dawn of the regular picture sleeve, and subjected to interesting variations like picture disks, small CDs and kite shaped boxes.

Stiff Records along with most of the labels around during the New Wave embraced picture sleeves wholeheartedly, and several picture discs were issued. 

Release Trivia: Singles

They Don't Know

They don't knowThe 7" Release was released with (and without) a picture sleeve on Stiff BUY47. This actually seems harder to find than the picture disk in my experience. The promo copies of BUY47 differ from the regular issue in three ways: (a) the words "PLUG COPY" are stamped on the A-side label;  (b) The b-side is named Turn my motor on as opposed to Motor on; (c) Both sides state "copyright control" rather than the later, regular "Chrysalis Music Ltd.".   (we did warn you these pages are for the ultimate trivia buffs!).

Picture Disk Bliss

There was also a splendid 7" picture disk on Stiff P-BUY47 - a splendid piece of work all round. Select any of the thumbnail images for larger versions.

They don't know, Motor on, Motor on

Keep your hands off my baby: At least two alternative sleeve designs exist in addition to the more common UK release. Polydor POSP225 is of unknown origin, 2059 316 is a German release. Releases of this single in general are quite hard to find in any sleeve. The third image is of unknown origin.

Hands off (UK)  Hands off (German(  Hands off (European?)

Trivia Interlude!

The label of Over you says "taken from the album Desperate Character" - it wasn't.

Weird Dutch packaging

Dutch sleeveA Dutch import, BR Music 45256, features Terry as the B-side of a Belle Stars single Sign of the times.  The picture sleeve is an assembly of half of each individual sleeve (how tacky is that?)  Both acts were on Stiff at the time so obviously some weird licensing agreement was taking place.  Incidentally the first Specials single "Gangsters" was backed with The Selecter's eponymous debut track.  I just thought you'd like to know that. Source - TH/FW

The promo version of Terry on Stiff BUY190 differs from the regular release in three ways: Terry DJ Promo(a) the labels are grey rather than black; (b) The A-side has a large white "A" across the full face of the label; (c) The catalog number is BUYDJ190. 

The sleeve for Terry Stiff BUY190 features a black and white shot of Kirsty applying lipstick on a bed while "Man at C&A" looks on.  The press adverts for the single featured two different shots from the same session.  Both feature Kirsty sitting on the bed, having applied the lipstick and put on a white fleecy blouse, looking at the camera from slightly different angles.   Man at C&A does not move in any of the shots.  Source - TH

There is also a Pink label promo with a different matrix number BUYDJ190A2 Also it plays a slightly different shorter track time to the grey label promo It's much rarer than the grey one. I've been dealing in Kirsty records for 15+ years & have only seen 2 of the pink one. - Leigh Turner.


Sleeve Controversy!

The original sleeve design for A New England was withdrawn after complaints were allegedly made about the use of a tattered Union Flag. So these two designs are hard to find - the one with blue text was from the 7" single (Stiff BUY216), the red text from the 12" equivalent (Stiff BUYIT216).

Original 7" sleeve, Original 12" sleeve

Both of these releases featured on the back the "face" picture which was later used on the replacement sleeve: see the following examples of the most common 7" release - Stiff BUY216 (front) and the back of the Dutch 1985 pressing (Stiff 107.117) - thanks to Tobbe Stuhre and his excellent Stiff Records site.   The back of BUY216 featured the "bombsite" cover filling the whole area.

Common sleeve  Common sleeve (B)

More picture disks

The picture disks for A New England (Stiff DBUY216) and He's on the Beach (Stiff DBUY225), shown along with the standard picture sleeve for Beach:

Pic Disk (A)Beach pic disk (A)Beach (A)

Pic Disk (B) Beach Pic disk (B)Beach (B)

Common sleeve - 7" Stiff BUY225 & 12" STIFF BUYIT225

Wrapped Up

A peculiarity I discovered was that A new England and He's on the beach were issued as a shrink wrapped "double pack" on Stiff DBUY225 (the same catalogue number as the Beach picture disk incidentally).  

Virgin go Crazy

Kite shaped boxOnce with Virgin Records, a multiplicity of formats became the norm - typically 7", 10", 12", cassette single and CD single. Needless to say different tracks were included on some of these. The 3" CD singles and 10" singles are the most aesthetically pleasing, though any media that plays the song will do for me!

Note: A 1997 policy decision by the UK chart authorities stated that "promotional" versions of singles such as rubber (e.g. Garbage) or cloth sleeves, or in an earlier time shaped picture discs would be ineligible for sales figures. It is therefore dubious if record companies will be quite so inventive in future. Then again, things may have changed.

The CD single for Days was even released in two different packages - the standard 3" slip case and a rather splendid Kite shaped box. The design of the vinyl releases changed as well - the sleeve on the left is the 10" version and the second one is the 12" (and CD slipcase) version.

Days 10"Days CD & 12"

3 Inch CDs

Four of Kirsty's singles (all from Kite) were released in the rather fine "3 inch" format. This size of CD appears to have all but disappeared again but had the definite advantage of making a "single" seem like a "single". We miss them.

Cassette Singles

Several of Kirsty's singles were released in the incredibly dodgy "Cassingle" format.  Here are just two examples.


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