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This page lists all known artists who have covered songs not actually written by Kirsty, but associated with her nonetheless.

Cover Versions of songs not actually written by Kirsty but ...

BAP : Weihnachtsnaach (Fairytale of New York) Album track

Fairytale of New York was covered by the German rock band (and in Cologne
dialect (Kölsch)) BAP and Nina Hagen singing Kirsty's part. Source: JY

Johnny Borrell & Lisa Moorish : Fairytale of New York Live performance

According to the Sun in October 2004, Razorlight's Johnny Borrell and star shagger Lisa Moorish hope to record The Pogues' classic Christmas tune Fairytale Of New York. The pair have already performed it live. Lisa said: "We do it so well together.". Source: AK

Brier : Fairytale of New York Album track

There is a version of the song by a band called Brier, of whom we know nothing other than they are an Irish folk outfit. Featured on the appallingly named album The Best of Irish Ballads & Craic.

Choir with No Name: Fairytale of New YorkRadio performance

This is obscure! A radio appearance by a choir who anyone could join regardless of singing ability on Radio 2 (maybe Radio 4) in 2008 accompanied by Ben Reid. I do have a recording of this!

Damien Dempsey : Fairytale of New York Album trackLive performance

With backing vocals by Sinead O'Connor, on the album It's all Bells .

YouTube clip - live version

Håkan Hellström : Fairytale of New York Album trackLive performance

Håkan Hellström

Swedish songwriter-troubadour-pop star Håkan Hellström included a live version of Fairytale on his 2006 album Nåt Gammalt, Nåt Nytt, Nåt Lånat, Nåt Blått. He's pretty good, this guy. He's been quite open about being influenced by Morrissey - so he's kind of a poet and a big romantic, and then sarcastic, funny and intelligent at the same time. But his music is much more positive and cheerful than Morrissey's. He's been performing with this pretty big band, with horns and stuff, toying around with Latin American beats, etc. Not my favourite music, but he's definitely talented, and quite colourful and fun. Source: JG


Indelicates : Fairytale of New York Live performance

"The Indelicates - despicable folk-rock cabaret with a mission to end all music."


YouTube clip

Ronan Keating : Fairytale of New York Single

Be afraid, be very afraid!  A rather pointless cover, with Kirsty's part sung by Maire Brennan.  Not surprisingly this version rather polarised the Kirsty fan base, and I think fair to say not many liked it. Nothing against Mr Keating personally! Extending the connections for Ronan, the B sides of his next single were written with and produced by none other than Callum MacColl, Kirsty's half-brother.  On the single The way you make me feel, 2000.

Christy Moore : Fairytale of New York Album track

Solo version, Christy sings all the parts. Kirsty sang all the parts at a New Year's Eve concert at Hackney Empire once, available on bootlegs. Smoke & Strong Whiskey, 1991, also on the live album Christy Moore at the Point.

YouTube clip on Later with Jools Holland, in 1996

No Use for a Name : Fairytale of New York Album track

Better, much better! Californian punk outfit No Use for a Name recorded Fairytale on their album More Betterness!, and it's quite a fun version actually.  No Use For A Name have been around since 1989. Matt Riddle says, "we recorded it once before with another singer, another girl from a band called Soda in California. But on this one we were like "lets do it again" because Cinder Block from Tilt wanted to sing it and we were like "that'd be rad" ya know so it turned out really good and then we toured with Tilt and did it like every night and now I'm kinda burned on it."  More Betterness!, 1996.

Stars : Fairytale of New York B Side

Torquil and Amy don't exactly blow the house down. City Slang says, "Montreal in winter is a cold, cruel place. It’s the sort of city where you have to chip the tears off your cheeks when you start to cry, where words freeze barely halfway out of your mouth. Last January, Montreal’s Stars escaped the city for an even colder place. Bundled in parkas, they headed to North Hatley, in Quebec’s rural Eastern Townships, hunkered down and set themselves on fire. When the snow melted and they came out blinking in the sun, Stars discovered they’d made something of staggering beauty."

On the single Your ex-lover is dead, 2005.


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