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Release Date
28 Feb 2005

Catalog No.

Steve Lillywhite

Kirsty MacColl &
Bill Smith Studio

Charles Dickins

* Ratings
by freeworld

Electric Landlady (Reissue)

Reissued in February 2005, with some bonus tracks - Original B Sides Don't Go Near The Water, One Good Thing, the raucous Billy Bragg duet on Johnny Moped's Darling, Let's Have Another Baby, and the better remixes of My Affair and Walking Down Madison.


Musicians: Pete Glenister, Elliot Randall, Mark Nevin, Sal Cuevas, Pino Palladino, Robbie Ameen, Mel Gaynor, Milton Cardona, Jose Mangual, Marc Quinones, Oscar Hernandez, Angel Fernandez, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Judd Lander, Spider Stacey, Dave Valentin, Ite Jerez, Joe Shepley, Lewis Khan, Steve Sacks, Enrique Orengo, Felix Farrar, Lloyd Carter, Bob Loveday, James Fearnley, Ed Shearmur, Trevor Gray, Adrian Lillywhite, Hamish MacColl, Kirsty MacColl, Jody Linscott, Guy Pratt, Darryl Hunt, Jem Finer, Terry Woods, Philip Chevron, Colin Stuart, Ian Aitken.

  1. Walking down Madison
    Kirsty MacColl & Johnny Marr LYRICS
    "From the sharks in the penthouse to the rats in the basement it's not that far... " ****
  2. All I ever wanted
    Kirsty MacColl & Marshall Crenshaw LYRICS, CHORDS
    "All I ever wanted was a little more respect from you" ****
  3. Children of the Revolution
    Kirsty MacColl & Johnny Marr LYRICS, CHORDS
    "Murder comes by sea and from the skies, It's shiny and it's quick to take their lives" ***
  4. Halloween
    Kirsty MacColl & Mark Nevin LYRICS
    "Was it all a dream?" ****
  5. My affair
    Kirsty MacColl & Mark Nevin LYRICS
    "It's no concern of yours if I sleep with the President" *****
  6. Lying down
    Kirsty MacColl & Pete Glenister LYRICS
    "I know you know but you won't say jJust what it is makes life this way" ***
  7. He never mentioned love
    Kirsty MacColl & Jem Finer LYRICS, CHORDS
    "He looked into my eyes just as an airplane roared above,
    Said something about football but he never mentioned love" ***
  8. We'll never pass this way again
    Kirsty MacColl LYRICS, CHORDS
    "We had the night and we had our day, wWe'll never pass this way again" ****
  9. The hardest word
    Kirsty MacColl & Hamish MacColl LYRICS
    "Climbing those mountains I picture you still" ***
  10. Maybe it's imaginary
    Kirsty MacColl LYRICS
    "I'd never go swimming with those nuclear fish" ***
  11. My way home
    Kirsty MacColl & Pete Glenister LYRICS
    "I look left and I look right and I cross this road alone cCos I'm feeling my way home " *****
  12. The one and only
    Kirsty MacColl & Marshall Crenshaw LYRICS, CHORDS
    "Some lives read like a book, I'll be happy if mine doesn't read like a joke from an old Christmas cracker..." ***
  13. Don't go near the water
    Al Jardine, Mike Love. LYRICS
    "Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams hHave all been touched by man" ***
  14. One good thing
    Kirsty MacColl, Pete Glenister LYRICS
    "Show me baby, show me the one good thing about love" **
  15. Darling, let's have another baby
    Fred Berk. LYRICS, CHORDS
    Performed with Billy Bragg
    "Darling, I need you to be near me to kiss and to touch, I love you very much" ***
  16. My Affair (Bass Sexy Remix) ****
    Kirsty MacColl & Mark Nevin
  17. Walking Down Madison (6am Ambient Remix) ****
    Kirsty MacColl & Johnny Marr

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