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Here you will find tributes, obituaries and full details of all the memorial events for Kirsty.

Memorial Pages


Read articles published by Kirsty's friends and colleagues in the press.


Read how Kirsty was remembered in the press.
Music Fund

Music Fund for Cuba

The official remembrance fund. Learn about how the money raised benefits young people learning music

Tribute Concerts

The story of Kirsty's tribute show at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 23rd September 2002.

A Bench in Soho Square

The fans lasting tribute. Plan your visit to its peaceful setting in the heart of London.

Memorial Service

How Kirsty was remembered in a public service in London.

Havana School of Music

Kirsty's mother Jean's visit to Havana in 2002.


Return to Cozumel

Kirsty's mother visited Mexico in 2004 in pursuit of justice, and to visit Cozumel.

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