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Every year on the Sunday closest to Kirsty's birthday (October 10), fans, friends and family gather in Soho Square to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Here are some photographs from the 2004 reunion, courtesy of Norma.

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A Bench in Soho Square : 2004

Crowd SceneArrivingCrowds begin to gather in the Square well before midday. The weather in central London was kind this year, and an unofficial estimate of the final crowd stood at around 100. As ever, there were a few bemused onlookers who may not have realised what was going on!

Louis & Phil John, Jean & Alan Justice Campaign stalwart and close family friend John Dalby with Jean MacColl and Alan. Also, Kirsty's son Louis greets campaign team member and songwriter Phil Rambow in the crowd.

Paul, Alan & GusSome desperate characters milling about in Soho Square, including Paul, Alan and Gus.

Chris speaksJean & CoMore DCs, and Jean is the centre of attention for Jonathan, David, John, Alan, Chris and Phil!

CelestineCollage!Alan talking to Celestine and her husband, while Nick Brown keeps a watchful eye in the other direction. We also have one of those legendary freeworld collages to catch a few more people!

Chris speaksChris speaks to FredChris Winwood addresses the crowd in his customary and inimitable fashion. Here he is again in conversation with Fred Shortland, who also spoke at length about how people should continue to put pressure on the Mexican authorities via the letter writing and MP lobbying tactics currently in use.

Jean speaksCrowd listenSurrounded by Alan, John, Phil and Fred, Kirsty's mother Jean brings everyone up to date with the Justice Campaign. Some of the fans gathered round are Gus, Jess, Phil, Jonathan and David.

Communcal singing Chip Shop Terry Hurley and John Meranda lead the singing on Chip Shop accompanied by its co-writer Phil Rambow and his daughter. Terry doesn't look in the least intimidated in such company! Terry & John are also seen earlier "opening" the day with Soho Square itself.

Trio NickThe accompaniment for the session was via primarily the guitars of Terry, John and Nick Brown, seen here loosening up. Some bloke called Nevin helped out later, I understand.

Sketching Sketching

Jean enjoying the day, with her old friend Denise Keir, who captured the Bench for posterity, and who later kindly donated the drawing to freeworld whereupon it was promptly signed by herself, Jean, Louis, Mark Nevin and Phil Rambow and auctioned in aid of the Justice For Kirsty Campaign funds, along with sixty I LIKE KIRSTY replica badges.Badges

Floral tribute Bench Flowers were left on the Bench in tribute to one of Britain's finest songwriters and performers.

JFK Floral tribute Exclusive behind the scenes footage of that speech writing session late on Saturday night when it dawns on Chris that it's probably time to actually prepare something! All lined up and ready to go. Finally, Phil's teeshirt is a link to the Justice Campaign website!

More pub actionPub scene Scenes from inside the Wheatsheaf, courtesy of Gloria.

Guitar HeroesLa Foret de Mimosas More merriment, including Chris and Kris, the only pair able (or willing) to give their all for La Foret de Mimosas. Photo Credit: Chris Voisey.

Voisey & chumsEveryone! The assembled gathering captured for posterity! Another Voisey credit.


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